No-nonsense coach

Wouter Kleinsman - friendly and mild when possible, hard when necessary and always honest


Wouter Kleinsman - friendly and mild when possible, hard when necessary and always honest

I don’t improve my clients’ lives, I transform them. Often radically. I create an environment where people get more out of themselves so that they become who they really are. I am the sharpening stone that makes them sharp and keeps them that way so that they can react razor-sharp in every situation.

I am one of the most successful no-nonsense personal coaches in the Netherlands. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs praise my unique coaching style, which has no fixed program and in which bullshit, fuss or excuses are not tolerated.

During an interview about my book ‘That’s how you become a game changer I was asked what makes me qualified to be a coach. For starters, through hard work, I’ve built a life for myself that I’m proud of. It is a life that fits perfectly with who I am. It gives me the experience to help others create an environment where they get more out of themselves, where they can become who they really are. In my life I am only interested in measurable results in order to make optimal use of the 24 hours in a day. Whether it’s about my relationship, meditation, workout, entrepreneurship, coaching, sleeping or the general level of happiness, I always find a way to make the results transparent. This way, I am even more productive and effective every day and I achieve better results in a shorter time.

I was born on May 18, 1989 and lived an average life until I was 25. I found my way through trial and error. Some studies remained unfinished, others succeeded. In 2009 I started my own online marketing agency and worked myself up to my highest income of € 30,000 per month. Then I found out that the work was no longer satisfying me, that my relationships were making me unhappy, that recreational drug use wasn’t helping me either, and that I was always trying to please those around me. I collapsed and knew things had to be different. I started working on myself, burnt some bridges and got officially certified as an international high performance coach. I made my coaching business successful in a short time and achieved major breakthroughs and transformations with my clients. Still, I stopped coaching via a ‘template’. I now coach in my own unique way, enabling even greater breakthroughs in the lives of my clients and the people around me.

Now I do what I love with the people I love. I have the best relationship, I’m in shape both physically and mentally and I’m only getting better, often taking mini holidays, staying in the most special locations and spending my valuable time with like-minded people.

I believe without a doubt that I can be who I want and have anything I want with whoever I want. I am convinced that you can have that and more, if you are willing to work for it. You should know that I always demand one hundred percent commitment from myself and the people around me. I call it commitment and discipline. It makes me the man who is friendly and soft when possible, tough when necessary and who is honest and straight-to-the-point in all cases.

In between all these transformations, I have also written the successful book ‘That’s how you become a game changer‘ and over 200 articles about how my approach can change lives beyond recognition. I was also featured on the TV channels RTL 5 and RTL Z, I’ve spoken on various stages, including keynote speakerTedX, and I was in various magazines such as the Chamber of Commerce (magazinestarter’s, kvk money book).

I am straight to the point and less is more, I always work in an action-oriented way and respect the time of the people around me. What can be done in half an hour really doesn’t take longer than thirty minutes.

I absolutely believe in coaching. Over the years I have seen the profound effects it’s had on my clients, the clients of other coaches and I have experienced it myself.

My goal:

  • Making things simple and measurable
  • Giving actionable insights
  • Coaching a limited number of clients per year for full attention
  • Knowing that anything is possible
  • Only believe in commitment and integrity
  • Being straight to the point
  • Building a business relationship: I am your coach and not your friend
  • I practice what I preach
  • I help you in concrete steps from a successful to an even more successful life
  • Every client gets their own personal strategy


Other things about me:

  • I am always looking for activities that make life better, more beautiful, more productive and more effective. Every day I expand my insights in the areas of personal development, biohacking, leadership, psychology and mind hacking.
  • I am addicted to sports and constantly pushing my own boundaries. That’s why I built my own gym in my house.
  • I don’t believe in group coaching and other things in groups. When I choose a coach for myself, it is always 1-on-1. He has to be the best in his own country and I don’t care what it costs me if that coach challenges me and takes me even further in life. My last investment in my own coach was € 22,000, that’s how much I believe in coaching.
  • I know little or nothing about many things, but I know an exceptional amount about people, personal development, biohacking and the psychology of success and winning.
  • Every year I spend thousands of euros on biohacking and coaching to make my life even better, healthier and more beautiful.
  • I live ‘blissfully dissatisfied’ which means that I have a happy life where at the same time I remain dissatisfied because I know that there is always another level.
  • I do not believe in the past, only in the now and in a future that I create for myself.
  • I drive a Tesla because it suits the man I am, progressive, constantly evolving with many updates and a challenging status quo.
  • You won’t see me wearing a three-piece suit to be taken seriously. If I wear one, it is because I want it myself and not because I care what other people think of me.
  • I never thought a perfect relationship existed until Victoria and I met in Egypt and I now have the best relationship of my life.
  • I’ve tried to swear like Gordon Ramsey and Dan Pena, but have found I don’t have their personality (thank God!).
  • I know that a destined relationship exists by first being in a relationship that was not meant to be and then experiencing the meeting with Victoria.
  • For the past few years I’ve had an identity crisis almost every year. Not a bad thing because it helps me to get to know and then grow into the ‘real me’.
  • I have a minimalist attitude, I don’t need anything to feel better and I am involved in spirituality.
  • My mom taught me to love everyone and my dad taught me to work hard and smart. This is what I both do now.
  • I used most forms of recreational drugs in my younger years. Now I only stick to non-alcoholic beer and myself and my health come first.