No-nonsense Coach

kind and gentle as possible,
hard when necessary and always honest

I don’t improve my clients’ lives, I transform them. Often radically. I create an environment where people get more out of themselves, where they become more of who they really are. I am the whetstone that sharpens them so they can cut through anything.

During an interview about my book “How to Become a Game Changer,” I was asked what actually makes me so different from all those other coaches. For starters, through hard work and knowledge, I’ve built a life for myself that I’m proud of. It is a life that suits who I am and what gives me the experience to help others create an environment where they get more out of themselves, where they can become who they really are. To make optimal use of the 24 hours in a day, I am only interested in measurable results. Meditation, marketing, training, sleeping, eating and so on are only interesting if the results are measurable. Based on these results, I can be more effective, more productive and get better results in a shorter time. I teach my clients that too. Finally, I always demand 100% effort from myself and clients, I call it a commitment. It makes me a passionate coach who is friendly and soft when possible, hard when necessary and who is honest in all cases.

What the average coach does:

  • Making things unnecessarily complicated
  • Flooding clients with knowledge and insights
  • Having a (too) full agenda and often forgetting what the client is doing
  • Thinking that things are impossible
  • Believe in excuses and the role of victim
  • Share floaty ideas
  • Pleasing and being friends with the client
  • Do not follow the good advice yourself
  • Promote “get rich quick strategies” and “manifest your dreams from your couch”
  • Believe and work according to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy

How I show up:

  • Making things simple and measurable
  • Provide action-oriented insights
  • Coaching a limited number of clients per year for full attention
  • Knowing that anything is possible
  • Only believe in commitment and integrity
  • Straight to the point
  • I am your coach and not your friend
  • I practice what I preach
  • I help you advance in concrete steps from successful to super successful, prospering and thriving in every life area.
  • Each client is given their own personal strategy

I come from a normal family, I have parents who care about me and I have not experienced exceptionally bad things. I lived an average life in which I found my way through trial and error. Some courses remained unfinished, others succeeded. In 2009 I started an online marketing agency as an independent entrepreneur, did this for several years until I found out that it was not satisfying me, that my relationships were making me unhappy and that I always tried to please the people around me. Conclusion: I pretended to be different than who I really was. I immersed myself in personal development, was officially certified as an international high-performance coach and achieved major breakthroughs and transformations with my clients. I made my coaching business successful in a short time. Now I only do the things I really like, with the people I love and I only coach clients with a winner mindset who know that there is always the next level. I pass the ‘difficult cases’ to a therapist. 

This is my business:

  • I am one of the first internationally certified coaches at the highest level of high-performance coaching in the Netherlands.
  • I know little or nothing about many things, such as general knowledge, but I know exactly how I can coach you to an extraordinary life.
  • I am straight to the point and less is more, we will work in an action-oriented manner and respect each other’s time. What can be done in half an hour really doesn’t take longer than thirty minutes.
  • I believe, without a doubt, that I can be exactly who I am and have whatever I want and I am convinced that the same is true for you.
  • Over the years I’ve successfully coached many men and women on a one-to-one basis. I’ve written a book and 200+ articles. I’ve been on TV, channels RTL 5 and RTL Z, spoke as a keynote speaker on various stages, including at TedX, and I’m in various magazines such as the Chamber of Commerce.
  • I absolutely believe in coaching. Over the years I have seen the profound effects it had on my clients, the clients of other coaches and I have experienced it myself.

This is me privately:

  • I will never settle down and sit back in life. Every day I expand my insights in areas such as personal development, biohacking, leadership, psychology and mind hacking.
  • I am addicted to sports and hardcover books.
  • Every year I spend thousands of euros on biohacking to make my life even better and more beautiful.
  • I live “blissfully dissatisfied” which means that I have a happy life while at the same time remaining dissatisfied because I know that there is always another level.
  • I don’t believe in the past, just in the now and in a future that I can create myself.
  • I drive a Tesla because it was cheaper than my Audi A3 (okay… faster too!).
  • You won’t see me wearing a three-piece suit to be taken seriously. If I wear one, it is because I want to wear one and not because I care what other people think of me.
  • I met Victoria, the love of my life, whilst on holiday alone in Egypt.
  • For years I had hyperventilation attacks, which left me on stages with wet armpits. Sometimes they come back, but for now, the last one was in 2019.
  • I’ve tried to swear like Gordon Ramsey and Dan Pena, but have found that I don’t have their personality and choose to show up fully as myself.
  • I know that destined relationships exist, by first being in a relationship that was not meant to be and then experiencing the meeting with Victoria. (It’s written in the stars).
  • I had an identity crisis almost every year for the past few years. Not bad, because it helps me get to know the “real me” and step up into the next best version of myself.
  • I have a minimalist attitude, I don’t need anything to feel better and I am involved in spirituality.
  • I worked for a client with payment arrears of € 16,000 for two years. A clear sign of a lack of self-esteem.
  • My mom taught me to love everyone and my dad taught me to work hard and smart. I do both of these now.
  • I have used most forms of recreational drugs in my younger years. Now I only stick to non-alcoholic beer and myself and my health come first.

If you google me, you will find that I wasn’t always like I am now. Many years ago I had no backbone and I was always trying to find myself through others. I’ve been the ‘nice guy’ who was a chronic people pleaser. These transformations were necessary to become the man I am today.