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Philip Wallage
Director of the Digital Agency Buiten Aardig

Servaas Kindt
Studio manager of fit20 Kortrijk

Sophia van Woensel
Director of 500PH

Jenneke Brons
Customer Care Representative at Objectif Lune

Sander Zwart
Leadership coach

Erik van Lagen
Successful independent entrepreneur

Overview with logos and references of successful customers

Online marketing consultant for Futurumshop

Wouter has assisted us with a lot of passion in online marketing in the past period. He introduced us to new tools and gave us new insights into how customers orient themselves online, both on our website and on our social media channels. Wouter has transferred a lot of knowledge in a short time, so we thank him for the pleasant cooperation.
Ingrid Stokkel

Online marketing campagnes and trainer for Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen

Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen was looking for support for a pilot to experience whether and what Facebook could contribute to recruiting leads and new donors. Wouter Kleinsman has taken us well into his vision on Facebook marketing. Creating a powerful post with video and a good landing page specially tailored to the campaign received a lot of attention. I invited Wouter to give a presentation to fellow landscapes about our pilot. His enthusiasm and persuasiveness to offer your target group on Facebook something good struck me positively!
Claudine Bonzet
Communication at Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen

Theme: Facebook advertising | Target group: directors, entrepreneurs and marketers

Recently I was attended the presentation of Wouter during the Facebook Marketing Congress. In addition to a good story, Wouter also has the gift of being able to tell it well. He gives concrete tips that are immediately applicable and illustrates this with practical examples. In addition, Wouter knows how to captivate you with his energy and passion and you get his humor as a gift. Recommended as a speaker!
Roberto Decock
Consultant @ Freelancefirm

Theme: Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing | Target group: Entrepreneurs

During the Chamber of Commerce Starters Day in Arnhem, Wouter gave substance to the social media component with an inspiring presentation. Twice a full room with visitors who were very enthusiastic after the presentations. I can heartily recommend Wouter, with his know-how, to give substance to presentations or meetings in that area.
Henk Herkink
Advisor at the Chamber of Commerce

Theme: Internet marketing strategy | Target group: Entrepreneurs

We booked Wouter for the Dibevo trade days, a mix of trade fair presentations and lectures for what we call "enterprising pet specialists". Especially in the pet sector, it is important that speakers do not play a standard story, but focus their presentation on the audience in front of them. Wouter has carried out this assignment fantastically in every respect. We were able to steer the subject (Your website: customer magnet or customer road chaser?) Quite specifically and determine the content in consultation. His beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation alone showed that Wouter had put a lot of work into the preparation and that paid off in the very appealing presentation where the audience was given many tools to get started with their website right away at home. I can heartily recommend Wouter Kleinsman!
Gerard Voshaar
Communication specialist Dibevo

Theme: Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing | Target group: Entrepreneurs

Many starting and newly started entrepreneurs who visit the Chamber of Commerce Starters Day are looking for practical tips about the application of social media for their company. For the Starters Day in Arnhem, we asked Wouter Kleinsman to help them get started in a few short sessions. The visitor evaluation shows that he has fully fulfilled that wish. “Inspiring story”, “no-nonsense” and “I can do something with that” was what the participants in his workshops gave back. For both orientational and in-depth workshops on the business application of social media, Wouter is a speaker that we would like to call upon again.
Joop Dahlmans
Entrepreneurial advisor Chamber of Commerce

Theme: LinkedIn Marketing | Target group: Employees ROZ Groep

Wouter provided a short LinkedIn session for our colleagues. Our goal was to update colleagues about the importance of a good LinkedIn profile and to receive tips for this. We succeeded! We are now working hard to apply Wouter's tips.
Sharon Leuveld
Communication at ROZ Groep

Theme: Social media for franchises | Target group: Franchises & Entrepreneurs

Wouter gave a social media workshop to our franchisers that focused on our own franchise formula DSR food. Many examples from practice, which made it very visual to the people. The manual that Wouter has written must also be a good starting point for being active in social media. The collaboration was great; Wouter kept us well informed and we had the necessary input to make the whole DSR food worthy. Certainly a recommendation from our side; from starting with the basics to answering the more difficult and technical questions ... Wouter knew it all! THANKS!!
Sylvia Rensink
Owner DSR Food

Theme: Social media strategy | Target group: Entrepreneurs & Directors

Wouter gave an inspiring session about social media on the Elma Inspiration Day. It was a valuable and engaging presentation.
Ellen Marijnissen-Dekker
Media strategist Elma Media

Theme: Social media & positioning | Target group: Students Saxion Startup Center

Wouter Kleinsman has provided a workshop on Social Media as part of the Saxion Startup Center. This workshop focused on how student entrepreneurs can best use social media to get in touch with potential customers, stakeholders, etc. for their research during the graduation phase. Wouter really delivered custom work with the presentation and provided our students with many tips and tricks that they could use immediately. There was a pleasant collaboration and we will continue to approach Wouter in the future for assignments from the Saxion Center for Entrepreneurship.
Yvonne Kholmy - de Jong
Coordinator Student Entrepreneurship Deventer - Saxion Center for Entrepreneurship

Theme: Facebook advertising | Target group: Independent entrepreneurs

I enjoyed following Wouter's social media video training. In this training he explains in 5 clear steps how to start a Facebook campaign. There were things in the videos that I really never would have known otherwise. The training was extremely valuable to me! This allows us to set up and maintain our Facebook campaigns ourselves. Anyone interested in Facebook advertising should take some time to watch Wouter's videos. Recommended!
Amanda Timmer-Griffioen
Owner at Madoo

Theme: Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing | Target group: Student entrepreneurs

Our students were very enthusiastic about your presentation! Not only very good in terms of content and in keeping with our students, but also the enthusiasm and pleasure with which it was delivered was great! Very professional and full of positive energy. All praise to you and thank you again!
Sophie Andriol

Theme: Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing | Target group: Entrepreneurs

Last week, Wouter gave a very inspiring evening about Social Media marketing at the Oldenzaalse Ondernemers Groep (OOG). Wouter is able to thoroughly immerse himself in the demand of the target group in a very short time and to connect to it. With his enthusiasm and practical translation of his expertise, he has motivated several members of OOG to take further steps and, for example, to follow a day training at Wouter. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation and see you next time.
Jose Kuipers
Interim manager

Theme: Online marketing & social media marketing | Target group: Student entrepreneurs

Our students were very enthusiastic about your presentation! Not only very good in terms of content and in keeping with our students, but also the enthusiasm and pleasure with which it was delivered was great! Very professional and full of positive energy. All praise to you and thank you again!
Marlies Tijhuis
TIO Hogeschool

Theme: LinkedIn marketing | Target group: Staff at the Hengelo library

Wouter Kleinsman has given a LinkedIn workshop to employees of the Hengelo Library to full satisfaction.
Peter Bonekamp
Consultant Education at Hengelo Library