Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Your limited mindset blocks your path to greatness!

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Have you hit a wall that you can’t seem to move past? Have you avoided taking a step forward to achieve your goals in recent months? Are you fed up with your average life? Do you want to achieve more but it feels like something is in your way? Chances are you have a limited mindset that holds you back from the road to greatness. Today I will show you how to break free so that you can actually achieve anything you want in life.

My past limited mindset got in my way

Many people have great ideas about the goals they want to achieve in life. But the problem is just that, they stay as great ideas and the plans are never implemented or put into practice. Why does this happen? And what can you do about it? Well, first of all, know that you’re not alone. I lived my life for years with a limited mindset. Although parents, school teachers and friends all have good intentions for us, we are strongly influenced since birth from the world around us to limit our beliefs of what is really possible for us. The facts are that around 98% of the world’s population have a limited mindset. This consists of:
  • Thinking in scarcity
  • Thinking that you must be born with successful DNA
  • Thinking that you are not good enough
  • Thinking that you don’t know enough
  • Thinking that you think too big and that your ideas are unrealistic
  • Thinking that it’s not for you
I could go on… What I want to tell you is that limiting yourself in this way stops you from getting what you want in life. After all, this is what happened to me. Although I had big goals in my life, I always had a reason not to take a step towards my goal. I use to think “Who am I to do this?” or “Becoming successful is just not in my DNA.” I used to let other people around me convince me not to do certain things. I often let my doubts get in the way of my ideas and so I quickly gave up and didn’t get very far. The biggest turning point in my life was the moment I started to study personal development. With mentors such as Brendon Burchard and Bob Proctor, I started to realize more and more how limited my mindset really was and that it was stopping me from achieving greatness in my life.
I became aware of my limited mindset and saw that it stood in my way to greatness.
Yes, I have a wonderful family and great friends around me but not everything they have taught me has contributed to what I really want to achieve in my life. You have probably already experienced that when you have had a great idea, you tell your family and friends and their responses are as follows:
  • Would you really ever be able to do that Wouter?
  • Hey Wouter … why are you acting so crazy that’s a stupid idea!
  • Wouter … nobody has succeeded at that before … are you sure?
  • Wouter … do you know how many people have already tried this?
When you are not aware of the influence of the people around you, you run the risk that all the ideas you have in mind will immediately be thrown into the trash because they become invalid by other people’s thoughts. If I can teach you 1 wise lesson today then it is the following: When someone gives you advice/feedback and that person is not already living the life you have in mind. Then don’t take the advice! Simple advice but very effective! After all, you have to have mentors around you who lead you to the life that you want to live. And that is also the reason why I am going to give you the advice right now… Ready? Let’s go!

# 1 Your current paradigm is not serving you

I spent a long time looking for the right word to describe my meaning for this advice. It all became clearer to me when I chose Bob Proctor to mentor me. Bob Proctor is one of the oldest and most developed people in the field of mindset. Bob Proctor describes the paradigm as follows: Paradigms are a multitude of habits that guide every move you make. They affect the way you eat, the way you walk, even the way you talk. They govern your communication, your work habits, your successes and your failures. What creates our paradigm? Our paradigm has been created since birth. All the influences that we have received have led us to create a paradigm that often gets in our own way. As Bob says, a paradigm is formed of many different habits. Habits that we perform every day without a second thought. We have habits that take us forward into growth, but unfortunately also many habits that cause us to step back. If you want to take action to get started with changing your limited mindset, then the first step is to get started with changing your paradigm. How do we do that? The first step I recommend is to map all your habits. I am talking about both good and bad habits. Bad habits can be very diverse and below I give a few examples:
  • You want to lose weight only you have habits of snacking and mindlessly eating junk food in front of the TV that eventually causes you to stray from your diet
  • You want to become a successful entrepreneur, only your habit of ‘Netflix and Chill’ always gets in the way of working out a business plan
  • You want to write 2 articles this week only you have an old habit in your head that says: “oh well this is possible tomorrow … let’s just relax now instead. But we all know that tomorrow never comes…
Everything and everything starts with CONSCIOUSNESS. If we want to change something in our life it starts with consciousness. And when we bring our awareness to our bad habits / the habits that stand in our way to greatness, then we can plan and change these habits so that they are serving us instead of hindering us.

# 2 Say goodbye to your bad habits

You can only reach true greatness if you say goodbye to your bad habits. You can only become a better version of yourself if you see which bad habits are stopping you and you draw up a plan to overcome and change them. Learning a new habit takes on average 66 days. Most people unfortunately only give themselves 1 week, which is 7 days – in case you didn’t know 😉 which means that you are 59 days short. People simply give up too quickly and that is one of the biggest problems in this world. Humanity’s Problem: Creating a habit takes on average 66 days. People give it an average of 7 days and then give up when they see no results.
You don’t plant the seed and reap the harvest in the same season…
As you can already see, you need to set out a plan for yourself that will ensure that you will last the 66 days. Be well aware that 98% of humanity cannot sustain the 66 days and must, therefore, find ways to gove themselves the strength to sustain it. After all, be aware that greatness lies with 2% of the world’s population. Those people who can create new habits achieve great things.
2% of the world achieves greatness. These people can create new habits for themselves and integrate them for a lifetime.

# 3 Write down what you want to achieve in life

Work out a plan for yourself to say goodbye to your limited mindset. Everything starts with gaining clarity of what you want to achieve in your life. What do you really want to achieve? I want you to THINK BIG! Yes but Wouter ….. But, but, but… Etc Etc… If your mind is constantly coming up with a reason why you can’t then that current paradigm is doing the talking. This paradigm thinks in its limitations and there is only 1 way to get rid of it, ask yourself the following… “Do those thoughts help me achieve my goal?” If not, immediately stop the negative thinking and boldly move forward.
There is only 1 way to get rid of limited thinking… ask yourself: “Do those thoughts help me achieve my goal?” If not, immediately stop the negative thinking and boldly move forward.
As I have said many times: everything starts with consciousness. Awareness of the negative thoughts that try to keep you small. When you hear these voices, you eliminate them and relentlessly continue to write down what you want to achieve in your life. Have you made a concrete list? With a specific list I mean for example:
  • January 1, 2024, I want 10,000,000 in my account
  • January 1, 2024, I want to have trained 1,000,000 people
  • January 1, 2028, I want to live in a villa on the beach.
If goals like these scare you … GOOD! Do not let your limited mindset stop you from progressing with a but… There is only 1 road to growth and that is doing the things that you are not doing yet.
There is 1 road to growth and that is doing the things that you are not doing yet.
Have you clearly identified for yourself what you want to achieve in your life? Make it clear to yourself on paper that if you want to achieve these goals, what kind of person do you need to be:
  • Disciplined?
  • A leader?
  • Committed?
  • Enthusiastic?
Describe in detail on paper what the best version of yourself looks like so that you can start working on becoming that person NOW.

# 4 Desire: thought, feelings, action

When you know what you want to achieve in your life, it is important that you feel and let yourself dwell on a strong desire.
  • Why is this goal so important to you?
  • Why do you want to achieve this goal?
Only with a strong desire will you have enough power to actually achieve this goal. A desire consists of 3 components:
  • Thoughts: the way you think
  • Feelings: the feelings the thoughts bring
  • Action: the actual steps that you will take
As you can see you will first have to work on your thoughts and feelings. From there you can encourage yourself to take action to progress and move towards your goals. There are many different methods to work on your thoughts (limited mindset) and your feelings. Think about: Visualization: by closing your eyes and visualizing yourself at your goal. Do this every day in a relaxed state and you will cause your subconscious mind to think you have already achieved your goal. This means that long after you have sat and imagined your dream goal, your mind will continue to look for ways to keep you in the same level of vibration as your goal which will only bring greatness into your life. After all, your subconscious mind can not tell the difference between thought and reality. This also means that if you currently have a negative mindset, this will get in your way and bring you more of what you think about, negative things. Auto-suggestion: I have already mentioned writing down your habits. If you want to work on your thoughts then you need to use auto-suggestion. You need to respond to any negative thoughts with positive ones. If a negative thought comes up, then you have to switch it to the positive. This is the only way to ensure that positive thoughts are directed towards your subconscious mind. There are several ideas to change your limited thinking. Watch the video at the top of this article where I discuss some other ideas with you.

# 5 Patience & Consistency

If you want to move forward in your life then you will have to make these 2 characteristics your best friends: patience and consistency. Be aware that for many years you have provided your limited mindset with many influences that have not always helped you further. Also, be aware that it takes on average 66 days to learn a new habit. (The more times you repeat a new habit, the quicker it is to adopt it as your own.) As I said, there is a simple reason why only 2% of the world achieves what they want to achieve in their lives. And this is because they are patient and they constantly do the things that take them further in their lives. only 2% of the world achieves what they want to achieve in their lives. And this is because they are patient and they constantly do the things that take them further in their lives. Therefore, ask yourself right now: What am I willing to sacrifice in order to achieve greatness in my life. Am I am willing to:
  • To put sugars aside and start living healthier from today
  • To stop talking about other men/women and give my partner all the love
  • To take an extra step in my entrepreneurship and to stop looking for distractions
  • 5:00 to get out of bed instead of 8:30 and 4x snooze
Greatness is possible for everyone! It’s not in your DNA. No! Greatness is doing what 98% of the world will not do. And YES it is not always easy. If it were … then 100% of the world would be living their best lives. Greatness is possible for everyone! It’s not in your DNA. No! Greatness is doing what 98% of the world will not do. And YES it is not always easy. If it were … then 100% of the world would be living their best lives. So let’s go! Get started with the above advice & don’t forget to watch the video for extra input! Ready for the next step? Are you ready to reach your maximum performance and potential in all areas of your life? Then look at what high-performance coaching or business coaching can do for you. Mindset-to-greatness-quote-2   mindset-to-greatness-quote-1 Achievers-mindset-for-greatness-quote-3 Powerfull-mindset-greatness-quote-4