Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

You Only HAVE To Die, The Rest Is An Option

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Do you ever consider the meaning of life? And do you then wonder if life controls you or you control life? I dare say that you rarely do that. the good news is that it is not necessary to consider that either, because life has no meaning … In this moving article, I show you that you only have to do one thing in your life and that is: die. You only have one certainty in life: someday you will die. What you do with your life is up to you. Life is what you make it.

Life has no meaning

Yes, you read that right: everything you do in your life has no meaning. And even “no meaning” has no meaning. Everything simply has no meaning. When I first understood this, it seemed as if I stepped out of my life and immediately saw the world from a different perspective. Actually a crazy idea, life has no meaning. What are we doing in this world? That is a good question! A question we almost never ask ourselves. We live our lives the way we think we should. But is that actually the case? No, you have a choice It is good to realize that it is YOUR LIFE. You decide what your life looks like every second of the day. Life is not meaningless, but it simply has no meaning. Think of time, seasons, days, weekends, your name and so on, it only starts to mean something when someone gives it a meaning. Every moment you have a choice in life. However, you do not realize that because you think life has meaning.

You don’t have to do anything

If you want, you could sit on your ass for the rest of your life. “If life has no meaning, what am I still doing in this world?” That was the question I asked myself when I realized that life has no meaning. And I was very happy that I asked myself this question, because by asking myself this question I realized that I don’t have to do anything in this world and that everything is an option. Time and again I can “choose” how I want to live my life. Special, isn’t it? “Yes, but Wouter, if …” If what? If you sit on your ass then you do not earn money? You don’t need money, you think you need money, but money has no meaning. Or if you are not going to work that you will be fired? Yes, that chance is high, but that too has no meaning. It only has a meaning if you give it meaning. And that is also the big pitfall of our lives; we give meaning to everything.
We are meaning addicts!

Special insight

Realize how beautiful life is when you stop thinking about and searching for the meaning of life! If you realize this, you can choose your own life. WOW! I can tell you that this realization gave me the following insight: That hyperventilation I have had since I was 15 means nothing I have been suffering from hyperventilation since I was fifteen. This manifests itself in sweat attacks and the feeling of being quite nauseous. Before I realized that life had no meaning, I saw no way out of my hyperventilation. The reason was simple, I always looked for the meaning behind my hyperventilation, which only made it worse: where attention goes, energy flows. But how simple it can be, life has no meaning and so does my hyperventilation. It only has meaning if you indicate a meaning. Have you grasped it yet? With me, it took me three intensive days from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. of training and awareness before I ‘got it’ I don’t want to say understand, because there is nothing to understand! and at that moment I left my body and the transformation took place. “Damn it,” I thought, “if I make my hyperventilation worse because I am looking for a meaning behind it, then it’s time I train my mind to see that my hyperventilation has no meaning.” And I’m in this process right now. I am in the process of starting my life “from scratch” again and I CHOOSE this meaning I give to my life. By from scratch I do not mean that I have put everything aside. No, I have been living consciously for a few years now, now I am going to live more consciously. My awareness has been multiplied by at least 100. This sounds great and it is.

What does your life look like without meaning?

Maybe you are thinking now: “Wouter … WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT … I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT !?” That chance is big. After all, I have completed at least 36 hours of training during three intensive days and put it all into a 5-minute article. Yet I now ask you: “What does your life look like now that you are gradually realizing that life has no meaning?” Why am I doing this? Because I want to excite you. I want to inspire you. I want to show you that today you can make the choice to live your life the way you want. If that is what you want, please contact me and I will show you exactly how you can get started with living the life of your dreams. Let’s go! Click here, contact us and let’s get started.