Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

You Are Extraordinary! Don’t Keep Yourself Small

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Think of life as a game to be played leading with bravery. You can do this because you are an extraordinary person. So no more excuses and forget about an average life. Why keep yourself small when you can create an extraordinary life?

What is in your way to an extraordinary life?

If you know deep down that you can achieve so much more than you do now, what stops you from doing something about it? You may feel insecure or not disciplined enough. You might not yet be ready to take life more seriously. Or maybe you are afraid to invest in yourself, afraid of failure or that people will laugh at you. Whatever it is, realize that you, I and all the other people in this world are walking around with the same three fears:

  1. Fear of loss: You’re scared of losing the things that keep you comfortable, which is precisely the reason why people do not choose to change.
  2. Fear of the choices towards your goal: You achieve a goal by making conscious choices. This means that you will sometimes have to make choices that are not fun or easy.
  3. Fear of Not Going to Reach Your Goal: This fear gives you dozens of reasons not to get started with your plans. All negative beliefs emerge quickly and before you know it you close the laptop and keep doing what you always did.

These three universal fears come into play every time in a different way. If you can’t deal with these fears, you will always keep “playing the game” small. So ask yourself what keeps you small in your life. Release this block so that the energy can flow to create your extraordinary life.

After all, what’s the fun of having an average relationship, career, business, or health? A good business coach or high-performance coach can help you achieve an extraordinary life.

The system keeps you small

In the book, I am writing (send me an email if you are interested in this book), you can read about how the system keeps us small.

By the system, I mean, among other things, the society in which we live and how you are influenced from the moment you were in your mother’s womb. This continued in primary school and it never stops, because that influence is all around you.

How about the corona situation, for example? See how much the system has affected us by now telling us what we can and cannot do. And no, I am not breaking these rules, it just shows us how easily we conform to the rules of the system.

When you search David Icke on the internet, a lot of messages and videos come up. Icke shared a moving video about how he views the coronavirus. Strangely enough, his video was removed by YouTube. This also happened with Several interviews that David produced and the following is an interesting shot from one of his videos.

What I want to make clear with this is that there is a force over us that 99% of the world’s population unknowingly goes along with, but know that you have the choice to live an extraordinary life. And that’s not the life other people want you to lead. Don’t be slowed down by what other people say to you or rules imposed on you. It is your life and you choose how you want to live it.

No successful person in this world has played the game by the rules. Therefore break away from the system and make your own choices!

Break relationships with people who don’t encourage you

Recently I met someone who has become a special friend in a short amount of time, his name is Mike, 22 years old and currently employed.

Mike has undergone tremendous personal development in a short time. For example, he used to lead a normal life, as most average people do. Until he made the choice to work out with me at 5:40 in the morning. In addition, he started to develop himself more and more personally and this is the response he received from people around him:


Mike says in the message to me how people react negatively to his videos about his personal development and they find it strange that he suddenly started living in such a different way. And when he indicates that this makes him happy, they look at him strangely.

Not unknown at all!

I see this happening again and again with my high-performance customers who make a switch in their identity and you may recognize it in your own life. If you choose an extraordinary life, there are people around you who try to pull you back to the average world.

This could be related to:

  • jealousy, because you are doing things that other people are not brave enough for;
  • protection, they don’t want anything to happen to you;
  • the lack of insight that life can look even more beautiful and therefore they respond based on what they think is possible.

My quick turn around of advice here is simple: when people don’t encourage you and when you don’t get energy from them, talk to these people, see if you still need each other in life and if not: then end the relationship.

Difficult? Certainly, but difficult choices are inevitable if you want to live an extraordinary life.

Push your limits!

Pushing my boundaries every day is one of my secrets to grow as a person every year. For example, I trained five times a week from Monday to Friday from 5:40 am to 6:10 am. However, it started to become “too normal” again, so I now exercise ten times a week. Yes, you read that correctly, I train Monday to Friday from 5:40 AM to 6:10 AM and from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM. HIT training in the morning and strength and endurance training in the afternoon.

Why I do this? Not just because I like it. No, I want to continuously challenge myself to push my limits and to see how I deal with new situations.

Every year I want to become a better version of myself and a step closer to the most extraordinary life possible for me. That is why I have to take new steps every day to push my limits. And I do this simply by going against my thoughts shouting to do “normal”. Now also during the corona crisis. This month, the coronavirus caused me to miss out on more than $ 25,000 in revenue as new customers hit the brakes when the virus came around.

My reaction? Do not step on the brake, but on the accelerator.

In fact, I invested € 4,000 to transform our attic into a gym with high-end equipment and increased my marketing budget by a factor of two.

Why? Not because it was smart (after all, I lost a lot that month), but because I know that when I push my limits, it always gives me better results. Why play life small when you can choose an extraordinary life?

Invest in yourself

The best investments you can make in your life are the investments in yourself. No, I do not mean expensive watches, cars or clothing. I am talking about investment in your personal development and personal growth.

I have already invested more than € 50,000 in myself and the R.O.I (return on investment) is higher than that. The right investment in yourself increases the potential in your life so that you can increasingly lead the extraordinary life.

A simple investment could already be to purchase a book in an area where you want to develop yourself further. If you want to go a step further, having yourself coached by, for example, a business coach or high-performance coach is a good investment.

You can also invest the € 1,500 or more of which you can spend instead to go on holiday, for example. But if you invest it in yourself in the right way, you will get more value than the € 1,500 it cost you.

What are you waiting for? Make the investment you know you are worth.

Make the choice NOW to become extraordinary!

You too can:

  • start living healthier, which gives you more energy;
  • make a lot more money so that you can have a positive influence and make a real contribution;
  • be an even better partner, father/mother or friend;
  • have more free time in your life than you currently have;
  • enjoy the things you love in life even more;
  • see more of the world.

In short: you can do so much more and all you have to do right now is to make the choice to move forward and not let anything or anyone stop you.

Be extraordinary!
I’m happy to help you with this.