How consciously do you live? Did you have to think long hard about the answer to that question? Or do you even know what I am talking about? If not, there is a good chance that you do not live consciously. In fact, if you do not know what I meant by this question then you have fallen for the lie that you have no influence on anything that happens to you. You are a slave to the system. It doesn’t have to be this way, you can change this and it all starts with thinking. I would like to share my experience and insights with you. Read on, so that you too can separate yourself from the system.

A whole new world opened up for me

Around 2015 I learned how our mindset works and a whole new world opened up for me. My perspective on this world made a huge difference in my life. You can compare it to being half asleep, hungover and ill to waking up to a world full of vibrancy, colour and opportunity with positive energy and full health. Something I learned in that year and that still haunts me now (in a good way) is that we as humans are “programmed” daily without being aware of it. Everything that you have achieved and where you now stand in your life is based on how you are programmed. Whether this is in a positive or negative way.

From the day you were born your mind was immediately wide open. Everything came in and you sucked it up like a sponge without the ability to resist it. Initially, it is both the positive and negative influences of your parents and family, but the circle soon grows, think of teachers at school, friends, colleagues, employers and so on. In all those years, they shaped you into the person you are today. So yes, you are a result of dozens if not hundreds of people and influences.

Our paradigm

A paradigm is a pattern of thought that determines how we function as people. It consists of many thoughts and habits that control life as it were. Every action you take (right or wrong) has to do with your paradigm. If you want to change, you must also adjust your paradigm. Example: people who want to live healthier must adjust their paradigm so that they do not fall back into old habits after a few weeks. Only by changing your paradigm can you change your identity and thereby achieve every goal you have in mind.

This sounds simple, but there is one big problem:

Many people want to live consciously and have financial freedom, but mere words and desires are a lot different to action and results. There are very few people in this world who have actually created this free life for themselves. For about 90% of the world’s population, this desired “freedom” is only a thought and not a reality. As human beings, without realizing it, we have become slaves to a system and that is simply because we have never been taught at school how our mind really works.

Slaves to the system

If we look at how our mind really works, we see 3 parts: the conscious mind, subconscious mind and body. I will show you how these work:

1. The conscious mind is your educational spirit. This is your mind.
2. The subconscious mind is your emotional mind. This spirit takes on everything, good or bad, and consists of fixed ideas that automatically express themselves in feelings and actions, (beliefs)
3. Your body is the instrument that applies everything in practice.

So it looks like this: Thoughts → Feelings → Actions → Results

Where 90% of people are going wrong at the moment is that they are not in control of their own thoughts. They are fed thousands of times daily with both positive and negative thoughts through:

  • advertising on TV, radio and billboards;
  • the newspaper they read;
  • social media channels;
  • the news they watch on TV;
  • the colleagues, friends and family members they talk to;
    And so on.

Do you ever wonder if everything you hear and see is actually true? When we hear these different channels of influence, they go from our conscious mind to our subconscious mind. If the subconscious mind hears it often enough, it is applied in practice. They become your beliefs. I give another example: my father, whom I love dearly, is a wise man who knows everything. All newspapers are completely scoured daily, he will never miss the news and he also consumes a lot of information online.

The result? He always sees the glass half empty, not half full and he predicts problems before they even happen. As an outsider, I see what a negative impact that has on his life. And no, he is not the only one because, as I said, this applies to 90% of the world’s population.

Are we slaves?

Yes, we have become slaves to the system and function like robots in this world without wondering if the information we receive is correct.

  • We accept the news 1-on-1;
  • We believe the investment market and follow the system like sheep;
  • Everything on social media is shared by people without checking the facts;
  • If 100 people are in a room and 95 people leave the room, chances are that the other 5 will also leave the room

It’s time we wake up. BECOME A SHEPHERD NOT A SHEEP! We can see for ourselves how we are feeding our minds in a negative way every day. We must break the chains and no longer become a slave to the system. It is time to say goodbye to words such as scarcity, lack, limitations and fear. It is time for us to live the way we really are, as a unique and wonderful human being!

Every thought has an impact on your life

The first step to a high-performance life is to see that every thought has an impact on your life. Many of the messages that we see through the media are negative and let’s be honest, we don’t even need to hear most of them.

So always ask yourself: “Does this thought serve me?”

By constantly asking ourselves this question, we become a gatekeeper of our thoughts and therefore our lives. Now, this sounds incredibly simple, of course, it is simple but not easy in practice.

We humans don’t think

Earl Nightingale, one of the most influential people in terms of human characters, motivation and meaningful existence, said the following: “If most people said what they thought they would be speechless.”

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, was on the same track when he said, “Thinking is the hardest job there is, which is probably why so few are taking part …”

Yes, thinking is hard work. It would be much easier for us if we were not constantly taught that someone else should think for us.

That’s how Dr.Kenneth McFarland, chief inspector of the public school in Coffeyville, Kansas, where he founded McFarland Trade School, said: “2% of people think, 3% think they think, and 95% would rather die than think.”

“Spiritual activity is not the same as thinking …” said Bob Proctor, a legendary figure in the world of personal development. With this, he focuses on the 3% who think they think.

Why don’t we think?

I hope you ask yourself now, “Why don’t people think?” It is because we are programmed not to think because it doesn’t fit into the system. That is why only about 2% have left the system behind to live the way they want. The rest of the world population still has to work hard for their money and pay a lot of money, for example to the police who are measuring the speeds in the strangest places in order to reach their ‘targets’ quickly when money is needed. The biggest gain on our health is made with medication that does not solve our problems, but only fights the symptoms and what about things like mortgage deduction etc.? Why do we get a “discount” when we take out a mortgage?

Exactly … the system does not give us a way out and wants to hold on to us and we are hardly aware of that. And if that’s not enough …

We program our brains with junk

Have you ever listened carefully to the latest hit songs? The most popular songs are about sex, cheating, drugs, murder, hatred and violence. I remember well that my dear 5-year-old niece stood opposite me and sang a Jebroer song. Let me share part of the text with you:

I’m a child of the devil, mama you don’t have to cry.

Feasting as if every day here is my last hope you can play it at my funeral.

I don’t need a speech.

I don’t need flowers.

Throw liquor and drugs over my coffin.

All I wanted in life was this.

Fack it.

The first thing that came to my mind was “WTF! What has this world come to! ”Of course my innocent dear niece had no idea what she was singing about. It was a popular song at school. When she became aware of the words, she realized that it was not wise to sing this anymore… And this is not the only situation. I used to be a big fan of hardstyle. You will not be happy if you paid attention to the lyrics…or what do you think of the R&B hits? Grab a random number and you will hear at least 30 sex-related words about cheating being acceptable and normal and women being a piece of meat.

People wake up!

What are we doing in this world? We are not aware that we are programming our minds with junk! We sing the songs with nasty lyrics, watch the mess on TV and we go buy junk we don’t need. We believe the news so that we become anxious and don’t dare to do anything at all. It is not surprising that people kill each other in this world, the youth think it is normal to cheat and that social media has become a paradise of selfies with 100 filters and at least 100 likes otherwise the photos will be removed and placed again.

Wake up! It is time for us to be in charge of our mind and our lives. It is time for us to become aware of the world we live in so that we can make our own choices about what we do and do not allow into our minds.

“The book”: the solution to this problem:

Every morning I work on writing my first book. One of the chapters is about our mindset and how to master it. Are you shocked by the above? Now you know that there is ‘work to be done’. I currently have 2 recommendations for you:

Advice 1: Let me know here if you are interested in the book so that I can keep you informed of the developments and of course my “early investors” will receive a lot of nice surprises and gifts.
Advice 2: From today, follow this blog, my Instagram and Facebook page and sign up for my weekly advice so that you can break through your obstacles and reach your maximum potential and best performance in all areas of your life.

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