Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

What Do You Need To Leave Your Comfort Zone Forever?

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Are you comfortable hanging around in your comfort zone or do you prefer to feel uncomfortable and get the most out of your life? Come on, it’s time to leave your comfort zone once and for all, so that you can really start living. I’m going to tell you how you can leave your comfort zone forever and become the best version of yourself and achieve your maximum potential and best performance in all areas of your life.

The comfort zone is misleading

The comfort zone is very pleasant, but it is also something that you have to watch out for. I know many people who have settled in their comfort zone and they are very satisfied with that. High performers know that the comfort zone is a real deceiver that prevents you from actually achieving your highest attainable potential and best performance in all areas of your life. And this is extremely important for high performers. Leaving the comfort zone is not easy because the temptation to stay there is so strong. At the times you start dreaming and big challenging goals arise in your head, the comfort zone causes reactions such as:
  • What a good idea, but you know? You are actually too old for that.
  • Good plan! Not now but let’s get started tomorrow, okay?
  • Ahh, why make life difficult if you already have a good life?
  • Let’s settle down we are fine as we are
Do any of these thoughts seem familiar to you? There is a good chance that you will feel comfortable in that comfort zone, but staying there does not take you further towards your life goals. The road to growth is outside your comfort zone, where you have to do things that you have not done before.
The road to growth is to go outside your comfort zone
The question is therefore: How do I leave my comfort zone and leave it forever, so that I can reach my maximum potential and best performance in all areas of my life?

What is important to you?

If you want to get more out of your life, what is really important to you? For example, do you want:
  • better health?
  • take your relationship to the next level?
  • a successful company?
  • earn more money?
  • work on your mindset?
  • become more productive and achieve more in your life?

And why is that important to you?

Knowing what is important to you is the beginning of everything. It is important to first understand this, no matter how logical it actually sounds. I know that if I want to become a better version of myself, I have to challenge myself. That I have to do things that I find exciting at first and then my mindset says: “DO NOT DO THIS!” For example, I challenge myself by:
  • rowing 1 kilometer in the gym after my workout as fast as possible and doing my best to beat my time every day!
  • by writing this article, even when my mindset says: “The weather is nice, just relax outside.”For some people this sounds ‘strict’. I know myself that this is the best way to keep myself out of my comfort zone. I want to constantly challenge myself to achieve more in my life and to become an even better version of myself every day.Want to achieve more in your life? Do the things that causes your mindset to say: “Don’t do this!”

What does it mean for you to just settle down NOW?

If you chose to settle in life, and therefore cannot grow further as a person, what does that mean for you? Are you satisfied with who you are in the situation that you are currently in? Or does BIG PANIC arise? It is good to ask yourself this question. The answer allows you to see whether or not you are a high performer. 95% of the world’s population are average people who, without good reason, do not leave their comfort zone quickly. Only 5% of the population does go outside their comfort zone, because they know that growth is only possible outside of it. Therefore, be honest and ask yourself, “Am I willing to just settle today?” If your answer is “Yes”, you can now stop reading and continue to ‘settle’. Is your answer “No”? Then pay attention now.

You have to make it a necessity!

How did it feel when I asked what it means for you to just settle? If you’re a high performer, it probably felt horrible. The idea that you cannot move forward from today? That you can no longer grow as a person? That you can no longer achieve in your life?
If I just decide to settle in life today it means: GAME OVER!
I hope that also feels like GAME OVER to you! I hope it gives you a feeling that you want to get rid of immediately. Why? Because it must be a necessity for you to go outside of your comfort zone. Because you realize that you can only grow as a person or achieve your goals faster if you want to take those extra steps outside of your comfort zone. Therefore, ask yourself: “How can I see the necessity of moving forward?” And be aware of the following: if you want to be healthier, want to live longer, achieve more and so on, then it is NECESSARY to take action. Growth is achieved by going outside of your comfort zone. As I said, there is a reason why 95% of the world’s population has settled down and settles for an average life. One of those reasons is simply because they do not like to go outside of their comfort zone, which means they:
  • give up their ‘certainty’;
  • experience moments of fear;
  • must learn to deal with the feelings of ‘giving up’;
  • have to discover a new zone.
I can easily talk about the comfort zone, I ‘lingered’ in it for a long time. Fortunately, I finally saw the absolute need to go outside the comfort zone to reach the things I wanted faster. I recently went skydiving, despite my fear of heights, which made me think in the first instance: “THERE IS NO WAY!! ??” Precisely because of this literal dive outside my comfort zone, I realized even more that stepping outside of my comfort zone is a direct way to achieve more in my life. That is also why I like the ‘outside the comfort zone symptoms’. I go for it precisely at the moments where I want to give up or where I’m afraid of the unknown! I realize at those moments that I push my limits, that I grow as a person and that I am on the right track. And that is also the reason for this article, so that I can show you that it is so important to go outside your comfort zone because growth and learning only occurs there.

What is your goal from today?

Tell me … what is your goal from today? And also tell me … if that is your goal from today, do you realize that you can only get there by going outside your comfort zone? If you don’t realize that yet, then the NEED is not big enough. Then it is not a goal but a dream. A dream that you share with many other people and that remains a dream, because you never dare to take the plunge. I dare you! I challenge you to ACKNOWLEDGE that you need to be outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals faster. That you have to take other steps or that you have to go 100x faster than you do now. Control your mindset and be well aware that every “negative thought” that comes to mind means that you are pushing your limits and that you are moving in the right direction. For some people this may sound a bit ‘abrupt’, but I want to show you again that the comfort zone is misleading and it is only keeping you playing small in life.
The comfort zone is deceiving and it keeps you from breaking through to greatness!

So now do the following …

Write down on paper what you want to achieve in your life and what it will mean for you if you achieve that goal. Also note what it means to you if you cannot achieve it. Then you immediately write out an action plan, plan your days and hours in your agenda and take DIRECTLY the first steps. No matter what tricks the comfort zone does to lure you back in, go for it! Accept the struggle, never give up and know that you can only grow faster and achieve more in your life if you go outside your comfort zone. Let’s go! #getcomfortableatbeinguncomfortable