Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

The way to earn more money (and no .. it’s not what you think)

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Do you ever wonder how it is possible that one person earns much more than the other? Do you also want to have more to spend? That is possible, through a number of concrete steps, you can get started with making more money. So read on for the most important advice on how you can earn more. And I can tell you …, you have probably never even thought of these recommendations!

# 1 You earn more money with your mindset

Earning more money does not start with having a good strategy or putting more hours into something. You earn more money by first focusing on your mindset. Have you ever thought that you could earn more money by changing your mindset? Probably not and your not alone… a large part of the world’s population have never considered this either. They focus on the mirage: make money fast. So making money fast doesn’t really exist, so first start with your mindset. Many people have a negative feeling about money and see it as something dirty even. You may see people with a lot of money as:
  • greedy;
  • never play fair;
  • are deeply unhappy;
  • and so on….
Without realizing it, we are belittling success with our current ‘money mindset’. We do not realize that there is also a “healthy” mindset to be had when it comes to money.

Your money story

The question is: how do you ensure that you get a healthy money mindset that does not get in the way of your goals? You can do this very easily. Draw two columns on a sheet of paper, one column for “positivity of money” and the other for “negativity of money”. By making the positive and negative sides of money transparent to yourself, you create direct awareness of your money mindset. From this awareness you can ensure that you see the full positivity of having a lot of money, we also call this your “money story”. I give a few examples: negative: people with a lot of money are greedy positive: people with a lot of money make the world a better place because they have more money to donate to charities or negative: people with a lot of money don’t play fair positive: people with a lot of money know how to handle money in the right way Everything starts with paying attention to our mindset. Everything that we do starts in our subconscious mind. Because your subconscious mind does not know the difference between right and wrong, it holds all of your negative thoughts about money as a belief. Because of this, you are hampering your chance of success because your subconscious mind is constantly destroying opportunities to make more money. #strangebuttrue! So start by paying attention and develop a healthy money mindset. And as you now know, that starts with creating awareness and turning the negative into positivity so that you feed your subconscious with many positive ‘money stories’ every day.

# 2 Your passion = the jackpot!

For a long time, I got a lot of satisfaction from my work where I earned a lot of money. Until at one point I realized that I hadn’t liked the work I was doing for over a year. I continued anyway because I thought making more money was extremely important to me. It took me a while to find out that my REAL PASSION actually made me richer. Does this sound familiar to you? Does your work cost you a lot more energy than it yields, but are you afraid of change? Then it’s time to take action! Whatever your passion is, nowadays you really can make money with anything, whether it’s gaming, knitting, blogging, singing or dancing. In short: your passion is the jackpot! You touch people so much more if you do something that you are truly passionate about. And when you reach people with passion and emotion, that also means that you are more likely to get new customers and therefore make more money. More energy: If you earn money with something that you are passionate about, it also gives you a lot more energy because you actually love doing your job. It’s no longer a chore to work. The important question is therefore: Are you currently getting the highest attainable positive energy from the work that you do? Be very honest! If you do not answer this question honestly, you are a thief of your own wallet and you are detracting from the quality of your own life. It took me about 1.5 years before I dared to make the choice to actually follow my highest positive emotions / energy. Don’t let it last that long for you and make sure you experience the positive effects sooner. Your whole life depends on it! Then make the choice! And please read this article so that from today you can take the steps in the right direction -> This is how you overcome the pain that comes with Change.

# 3 Have a deeper money goal

Am I saying that money does not make us happy? … Yes and no, people with a lot of money who are unhappy simply have no purpose in their lives. There is one important lesson: Money is simply a means of energy. With money, you can bring something positive to the next level of positivity, but also vice versa, something negative to something very negative. That is why it is extremely important to have a deeper goal for yourself with money. What would you like to do with all those millions in your bank account? We often do not ask ourselves that question. We simply want more money because we want “financial freedom.” But let’s be honest, financial freedom means creating an income of around € 1,500 per month (your fixed costs) and voilà you have a financially free life. Obviously, this isn’t enough and you would rather have a few million in your account, but WHY? Why do you want more money? What is your bigger goal? What are you doing it for? When you don’t have a deeper goal with money, you will keep having days when you can’t push ahead. Then your goal of “making more money” doesn’t give you the energy you need. So you need a deeper goal to get more money in your life . What is your deeper goal?
  • More money to support a good cause?
  • Do you want to buy a big house in a beautiful location and organize retreats there?
  • Do you think if you have more money you will be able to have a greater impact in this world?
Make this goal clear to yourself and then do the following daily:
  • Write down your big goals every day.
  • Visualize your goal as if it has already been achieved.
  • Make a vision board about your goals.
  • Be grateful that you have already achieved your goals (even though this is not the case, but your subconscious mind does not know that).
Being emotionally connected to your goals on a daily basis ensures that you reach them faster, including your financial goals. Every time I speak to one of my clients during the 1-on-1 coaching, having larger goals and connecting them with the financial goals is a very important topic.

# 4 Have a clear strategy

In 2011 I started my own online marketing agency, in the years that followed I noticed that many companies had no strategy. And no, I’m not just talking about small businesses here. As an online marketing expert, I also advised many large companies and time and time again the answer was “no” to whether they had a strategy. To earn more money you need a strategy and you have to map the numbers. And with numbers I do not only mean the euros but also:
  • hours that you are REALLY productive;
  • the number of leads (e-mail addresses) that you need for 1 new customer;
  • the cost of an e-mail address;
  • the estimate of what 1 new customer will cost you?
  • how to generate as many high-quality leads as possible for as little money as possible.
How many hours do you waste on activities that don’t help you? Many people cannot answer this question because they do not have a clear strategy for themselves and they do not know the figures either. Set out a clear strategy and make the figures transparent so that you can see how you can optimize them on a weekly basis.
Without strategy and knowledge you will never make the money you desire.

# 5 You are not the 98%!

The entire internet is full of so-called “fast-money-making gurus”. You know the guys who tell you how you can earn several million in 1 month. We all understand that this is nonsense, right? If you ask me too many people believe this nonsense. We are active on social media for many hours every day and we are continuously fed with this b * llsh * t. The more we see this b * llsh * t, the more we start to believe it. What you are simply doing is feeding your subconscious mind with junk! The continuous switching between all those different tactics and advice is really not going to make you happy. Leave that to the other 98% of the world’s population that never lasts long when it comes to success. It is much more important to never give up. Becoming more successful in life requires time and discipline. That is why I want you to understand that you should not fall for the tricks of people who say you can make money quickly. That’s big b * llsh * t. When you see them, run away or report them on social media (I always do that). I don’t want my healthy mindset to be fed with nonsense.
Set your own mindset! Never give up and know that success comes in life at that crucial moment when you desperately want to give up but keep pushing forward.

How are you going to earn more money?

How are you going to make more money today now you know that everything starts with your mindset? Don’t let your limited mindset prevent you from taking the important steps in your life. That is why I want to challenge you to get started immediately with the above advice. Know that only knowing how to do something does not mean that you will actually do it. So get started now. Do you need me to kick your butt in the right direction? Then click here. Money-Mindset-Quote-1 Money-Mindset-Quote-2 Money-Mindset-Quote-3 Money-Mindset-Quote-4 Money-Mindset-Quote-5