Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

The choice is yours, do you opt for an extraordinary life?

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On average, between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts pass through your head every day, so there are around 2,500 to 3,300 per hour! When you are not aware of this, you always remain a follower of your thoughts. This can be done differently, for example by taking personal leadership over your thoughts, so that you can start living the life that you have in mind. Do you want to get started NOW? OF COURSE, YOU DO! Let’s go! I will show you exactly what it takes to live an extraordinary life.

Making choices starts with awareness.

Of course, it is not possible to control all of your thousands of thoughts. Therefore, limit yourself to the most important thoughts, these are the thoughts that have the most impact on your life. So it starts with creating awareness. How aware are you at this moment of all the thoughts that go through your mind? Do you hear them? Or are you not aware of them? When you dive into the world of personal development, you will come to the realization that most thoughts take place in your subconscious mind. And you are guided by those unconscious thoughts such as:
  • I’m not good enough.
  • Why am I not doing well again?
  • I’m not sure about this.
  • Would I do that?
  • I am not as successful as others.
  • Oh well you know, tomorrow is another day, I will start then!
The list can be much longer, but I’m sure you understand what I mean! Get mastery over your mindset. Are you not currently doing that? Then you are guided by your thoughts (positive or negative!). I have already wrote about it in an earlier article. A short summary follows below. Stickperson-Blog-1-1 Thoughts come in through your consciousness (conscious mind). If you hear a certain thought often, it is absorbed into our subconscious mind (sub-conscious mind). Our subconscious mind knows no difference between right and wrong and does not know whether something has already happened or not. If our subconscious mind hears something often enough, it becomes ingrained in us and it becomes our beliefs. Our beliefs dictate our actions in life then dictate our results and life circumstances. This process looks like this: Stickperson-Blog-3

Ok, interesting Wouter, what now?

The first question you must ask yourself is: Do my thoughts actually give me anything, do they enrich my life? Therefore, look critically at what you have achieved in your life and at your current situation. Are you not satisfied with what you see? Then you have to send out the right thoughts. You focus on thoughts that contribute to the goals in your life. And no, excuses such as “to be successful it must be in your DNA and cannot be taught” or “I can’t control my thoughts” don’t apply.

Let’s get one thing clear: that self-doubt and self-pity does not stand for anyone, including you.

You read this article because you want an extraordinary life, right? Because you know you can achieve so much more? Then believe me that now and forever you must take leadership over YOUR life and mindset. The choice is solely yours and you will read exactly how you approach it below.

# 1 Create an overview

Take a pen and paper and simply make 2 columns: column 1: my current identity column 2: my new identity In the first column, you describe exactly who you are at the moment. Think of your thoughts, habits, beliefs and way of life (sports, food, passions, hobbies, etc.). In the second column, you describe exactly who you want to be. What does that best version of yourself look like? (How do you think? What do you do? What are your beliefs and core values? Etc.

This tip will help you 100%: everything has the opposite

  • fat skinny
  • big small
  • warm cold etc
So when you look at the first column and you are not satisfied with certain thoughts, habits, beliefs or your way of life, you have to change that. So for example (left = column 1 / right is column 2): I eat too much junk food>I eat healthy every day I only do sports once a week> I work out 5 times a week I feel that I am not good enough> I am grateful that I am a unique person in this world with a special gift Yes, it’s that easy!

# 2 Create a new routine and schedule

Cool, now that you know what your new identity looks like, you will work it out in a routine and planning! Yes, you will become a real structo maniac. It is great that you have nice ideas for changing yourself, but that often stops there. So put it in your agenda and pay attention to it every day. Provide a fixed morning routine. In this morning routine, you put things such as:
  • What time do you get up every morning
  • When you meditate
  • What time do you exercise?
  • The time that you are going to read a book etc
A routine ensures consistency and discipline. Stick to this routine for at least 66 days to create new, deeply established habits.

#3 Honor the struggle

You can achieve everything you desire in your life, but let’s get real, you might have to go through “hell” as part of it. Your “old” I don’t want to change at all will cause you pain when you come into action to change. In fact, your existing paradigm is going to make things very difficult for you by constantly bothering you with negative thoughts, such as:
  • Stay in bed this morning. You’ve earned it!
  • Well let’s do that tomorrow, now it’s time for relaxation!
  • You know, just hold on to your old identity, that’s just as enjoyable!
Bob Proctor is talking about the terror barrier. Terror barrier Bob Proctor Everyone who is ready for a breakthrough in their life must go through this terror barrier. The vast majority, no less than 98%, do not succeed. The terror barrier is too strong, causing them to fall back into their old habits and way of life. They give up, they say things like:
  • Oh well you know, this was not for me.
  • Why should I do it that way? I have a nice life right now!
But you belong to the 2% who succeed! You go straight through the terror barrier. You no longer let negative thoughts guide you. You control your mindset yourself!

Nobody stops you!

Nobody, but really nobody can stop you from becoming the best version (your new identity) of yourself. It’s your life, it’s your choice! And that’s what this article is about …

You ALWAYS have a choice

Believe it or not, you always have a choice! No one else is in charge of your life, only you. If you want to pack your things now and leave, you can do that. After all, it’s your life and you choose! That’s why I want to challenge you to choose an extraordinary life now! Choose that life that you now secretly fantasize about on a daily basis but that you do not yet believe in and only accept positive thoughts. And believe me, it is REALLY possible!

You can live the life of your dreams

Another note, there is one more thing in your way of living your best life and that is your MINDSET. No problem, I challenge you to fight your terror barrier. Do your intake now for high-performance coaching. Together we determine your goal and we will work in achieving this goal in 12 intensive weeks. Ready? Click here and let’s go!