Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

The 8 Real Reasons Why People Fail

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Do you ask yourself why, no matter what you try, you can never get any closer towards your goals? Why you constantly run into a barrier and then give up? Why one person can be successful in life and the other person not? And do you want to find out today the real reasons why people fail and how you prevent this from today? Then read this article now! Today I show you exactly how you can become successful and avoid failure altogether.

Everyone is on a powerful mission

Believe it or not, everyone is born into this world with their own unique gifts and powerful mission. Only most people do not know this about themselves and they settle for a life that could look so much better if they saw that special and unique gift in themselves.
  • Do you know about your unique gifts?
  • Do you know about what powerful mission you are on?
You must discover this for yourself first. Without having a powerful mission, you will wander through the world and you will constantly make choices based on what you think you are worth through past experiences and conditioning, rather than knowing deep down what you are REALLY WORTH. Because I can tell you one thing: when you know deep down who you really are … you will not function on the basis of who you think you are now.

And now…

Before I give you the most important insights into why people fail, I want to make one thing very clear:
Genius is so much less about genetics. Genius is so much more about your daily habits.
Real successful people act as follows:
They simply use every talent they have more than their colleagues in their industry

That is why, as I said, it is time to live our lives using our unique gifts and find out for ourselves what powerful mission we are on. When we realize this, the powerful insights below will come in handy immediately!

# 1 Fear is greater than their faith

Anxiety is what stops most people from actually leading a successful life. Before people even start a new challenge, career, get into better health or perhaps ask for more money as an entrepreneur, they are often immediately anxious. There are 3 different types of fear that we encounter that I talk about in this previous article:
  • Pain of loss
  • Process Pain
  • Outcome Pain
These 3 types of fears stop people from leading an extraordinary life. Deep down, they know what they can really achieve, but it is their limited mindset that is holding them back. People who are successful therefore know better than anyone how important it is to train their mindset on a daily basis. Even when I look at my own transition from failure to being successful, training my mindset was one of the most important activities for me to do to be able to achieve a breakthrough after breakthrough. Previously I often kept myself small, I thought that I was not good enough or that I had started too late. I was having all kinds of crazy and stupid thoughts that kept me small. If you want to see failure as merely an obstacle to work around, it is important to be in charge of your mindset and to put your fears aside. Fear cannot stop you from reaching your goals and desires. You only have to see fear as something that passes by, saying goodbye to it and then continuing on your mission.
No one will believe in you until you believe in yourself
Understand the above quote, apply it directly in your life and see how you make the first transformative step of failure -> being successful.

#2 The impact of your brain

People who fail are not aware of the impact of their brain. After all, if they understood the impact of their brain, they would immediately be much more successful. Why? Because having a healthy brain goes hand in hand with a conscious lifestyle. People who never reach their goals …
  • exercise less
  • watch more tv
  • spend more time on social media, Whatsapp, news and the like.
  • drink more alcohol
  • smoke
  • eat more unhealthy food
  • read less
  • etc
I could make the list even longer, but you I’m sure you understand what I mean! Your brain needs all of the above only in a positive sense. Successful people are busy daily with maintaining, developing and taking care of the brain. People who fail to waste their brain-bandwidth (and yes you actually have this!) On silly non-meaningful things. I invest at least 3 hours a day in training, developing and taking care of my brain. I do this by:
  • adequate sleep (at least 7 hours of good sleep)
  • sufficient drinking (at least 3 litres of water a day)
  • meditation
  • walking
  • reading
  • exercise daily
  • breathing exercises
  • brain training programs
  • correct supplementation
  • intermittent fasting and healthy eating: 70% vegetables, 30% protein and supplement with healthy fats. I know better than most how important a healthy brain is. In my book, which I am currently writing, the brain is also one of the topics that I talk about in-depth.Therefore, from today, invest more time in developing and training your brain. You can actually develop your brain and you need to realize that
The brain that you were born with is not the brain that you have to live with
In short: with the right daily choices, you can train your brain so that you will become more successful.  

# 3 They practice too little

I don’t have to tell you that by practising more, you become better at something. Yet it is striking to see how quickly people give up.
You only fail when you give up
Just think of all those “best wishes for the new year”. People do it for 2 to 3 weeks and then give it up. The same with personal development activities such as meditation, yoga, more sports, a healthier life, etc. People often do it for 2 to 3 weeks and then give up. It is therefore not surprising that many people in this world fail. They simply practice too little with the result that they give up too quickly. If you want to become successful in life you simply must not give up. You have to practice every day. In fact: Do 1 thing every day that is totally outside your comfort zone When you do this you will create new aisles in your brain. Also, realize that learning a new habit takes 66 days! And that somewhere around 33 days it will be incredibly difficult (the moment people give up). If you continue past this halfway point you will create a new habit. My advice is to learn a different new habit every 66 days and the end result will be that you will become a successful person. And be aware …
Everything that you now find easy, you previously found difficult Everything is difficult until it’s easy

# 4 Blame circumstances

People who fail always blame the circumstances instead of seeing it as opportunities to grow themselves. Do you recognize this in yourself? Are you often the person who blames other people or circumstances? If you are such a person, I now want to tell you immediately: STOP! You will never get far in your life if you play the victim role. If there is one thing I have learned, one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life was to take personal leadership! Nobody has to tell you what to do and you don’t have to tell other people that they did it wrong. Always take matters into your own hands, control your own ship and in this way you ensure that you do not fail in your life. After all, you cannot decide which choices another person will take or make. You also cannot control situations outside your area of ​​influence. Therefore, do not concern yourself with that and always see problems as opportunities for growth. Each time I find myself in a new situation where I think: hmmm I would have done that differently. I realize that I can take the situation as a learning moment so that in future I can deal with the same situation differently.
Learn from your mistakes instead of pointing your fingers
  Also, be aware of the following: “Ordinary” people get stuck in life because they blame external circumstances instead of seeing what is going on and how they can use their personal growth.

# 5 The purpose of life is to grow

People who fail in life do not realize that life is about growing. Life is all about growing and developing to be a little better every day than the day before. If we stopped growing we would stop living. Then we would go through the issues of the day, not have control of what our lives would look like and we would have many ups-and-downs in our happiness throughout life. Therefore, realize for yourself that the goal of life is to grow and that you should undertake at least 1 thing every day that ensures that you grow as a person. Growth makes you feel satisfied that you are doing something bigger in the world than just living and going through the same sh*t different day.

# 6 They let themselves be distracted

People who fail who mess up their productivity. Instead of engaging in life’s work and achieving their goals, they are scrolling daily on social media, Whatsapp’, watching the news and so on like a bunch of zombies. In a previous article, I shared the best advice is not to let yourself get distracted. When you read these recommendations you will see how you can work continuously inflow and even how you can unlock your true human potential (no joke!) Distraction is the biggest killer in terms of productivity. Successful people know this better than anyone and do everything they can not be distracted. I work daily in my own bubble of total focus. Nobody can distract me at that moment. How do I approach that?
  • my cell phone is off
  • I only have the tab that I need open
  • my workplace is neat and tidy (in advance)
  • I drink enough while working and I also take the right supplementation to stay focused
For the complete approach, I advise you to read this article. You should realize that if you are still often active on Whatsapp, social media and regularly listen to the news, it is time to stop being distracted. Stop investing all your valuable time in printed matter and silly things and invest your time wisely in the things that are really important: your life’s work
People who distract themselves are the people who fail People who are completely focused are the people who are successful

# 7 They have low self-confidence

I see it happening around me so often … people who fail have low self-confidence. And the special thing here is often … people with low self-confidence look for the cause outside themselves. Self-confidence has everything to do with YOURSELF. If you do not comply with agreements with yourself then this will cause your confidence to fall. Just think of a moment when you…
  • would work out but you didn’t
  • you would complete an assignment but chose to do something else
  • you set an appointment aside with a stupid excuse
  • etc
Self-confidence is extremely important to have in life. People who are successful have a lot of confidence. But I can tell you one thing about this: these people (no matter how successful they will be), these people used to be uncertain. But by continuously practising, persevering and not giving up and keeping themselves to their own word, they develop a high self-confidence. Therefore, be honest with yourself:
  • do you always keep the agreements with yourself?
  • do you always act with good intention?
  • do you always do your best?Did you answer a no to 1 of these questions? Then chances are that (if you have low confidence) one of the above points is the reason.So it’s time to keep the agreements with yourself from today so that you will become successful in life and not fail.

# 8 They didn’t stay in their game long enough

I just said it: people who fail are the people who give up. You cannot fail if you do not give up. That is also why successful people are successful. Successful people never give up and will always stay in line with their bigger goal and their own game. Successful people go all-in and are completely focused on their own path. People who fail who are jealous of successful people, they are not fully present in their own process but are more present in the process of others:
  • he started later but is already more successful …. how is that possible?
  • maybe I should just do the same as him … he is successful
  • I wish I was just like …….
Do you recognise any of these thoughts? There is a good chance that you will occupy yourself far too much with other people’s lives. I know better than anyone how important it is to be 100% focused on my own goal. Many years ago here and there I was jealous of the people who “had a better life”. I always said:
  • money does not make you happy
  • people with a lot of money are scammers etc
I was always busy with the lives of other people and pointing fingers instead of being busy with my own process. Until I started to spend more and more time in personal development and it became increasingly clear to me that I had to keep myself busy with my own process/game. And from that moment on when I was busy with my own process and no-stop continued (no matter what!), I only really began to discover how I could become successful in life. People who are successful who never give up, they are obsessed! Maybe you get put off with the above quote. But I can tell you that if you want to be successful you must become obsessed. You must have a burning desire. You must never give up and always continue! That is the only way to become successful.
Keep busy with your own process and focus 100% on that!

Ready to become really successful?

When you are done failing and you really want to become successful, I now invite you to do an intake for high-performance coaching! On the basis of high-performance coaching you will achieve every goal you have in mind and you will become truly successful. You can, of course, continue to fail. Then don’t point the finger at me, but realize that you have your own success in your hands! Good luck in making the right choice! Do an intake