Are you easily distracted by things around you? Can’t you live without a mobile phone? If not, that is a shame, because you can be much more productive without one. How? By learning new habits that prevent you from being distracted.

I’m going to tell you NOW what the most powerful habits are to prevent distraction.

Distraction = Killing productivity!

Distractions, especially your mobile, are one of the greatest addictions that we have as humans. On average, someone checks their mobile every day between 200 and 500 times. How many times a day do you check your phone? The chance is 99.99% that you too are addicted to distracting yourself. And the problem with all this distraction is that it is a KILLER on a personal and business level.

You can only lead an extraordinary life if you know the five most powerful habits to prevent distraction. These habits make the difference between the 95% of the world’s population who are busy with ‘being busy’ and the 5% of elite performers who are only busy with their life’s work. Do you also want to join that 5% of the world’s population, the elite performers who lead an extraordinary life?

Then don’t wait any longer! Read this article and eliminate all your distractions.

# 1 Focus bubble

How wonderful it would be if you could place yourself in a focus bubble in which nothing and nobody can distract you. External sounds are eliminated and you feel as if you are the only person in this world. If you can create such a bubble for yourself, then you have the first habit to prevent distraction.
It is a pity that 95% of the world’s population suffers from digital dementia.

Digital dementia: just like our computer, the ability to absorb and process knowledge, has limited bandwidth. The problem with this limited bandwidth is that 95% of the world wastes this bandwidth on social media, WhatsApp, text messages, the news, phone calls, mailbox and other silly things that don’t take you further in life.

If you allow digital dementia, you will no longer be able to function normally during the day, you will be continuously distracted, you will not have any focus, you will not be able to think properly and there will be even more negative symptoms.

The way out against distraction?

The way out is to put yourself in a focus bubble. Because there is no distraction, we feed our “seed of human genius“. As a high-performance coach & business coach I place myself in this bubble as often as possible during the day.

The seed of human genius? When we have no distraction, our prefrontal cortex is eliminated for a short time. The prefrontal cortex is involved in cognitive and emotional functions such as decision making, planning, social behaviour and impulse control. Because the prefrontal cortex is eliminated, we unlock our own brain-pharmacy that ensures transient hypofrontality, dopamine, serotonin and our brain waves go from Beta, to Alpha, to Theta.

What does all this mean?

  • Transient hypofrontality: the neurobiological state of genius that we ALL have, but so few know how to access it.
  • Dopamine: A substance that belongs to the brain’s reward system. It makes us feel satisfied and rewarded.
  • Serotonin: When enough serotonin is produced in the brain, this helps us to feel positive, happy, calm and safe.You see, without distraction you have everything you need to get into the flow and be able to work at your most important activities!

# 2 Stop using your mobile phone

Everywhere I look around me, restaurant, meetings, in the car and so on. People are addicted to their mobile phone: the stopper of in-depth conversations!


YES, you read that right! Put that phone away if you communicate with other people. There is nothing more brutal and stupid than having your cell phone in sight when communicating with others. I often experienced it during meetings (luckily I no longer have this), that the director was suddenly completely out of the present meeting, immersed in his mobile phone he had no idea what the meeting was about. If you want to focus 100% during an in-depth conversation with your partner or during an important meeting, then you do not have your mobile phone to hand. In those cases, eliminate your cell phone as much as possible.

This is how I do it:

  • WhatsApp – I only have private and I only check once in the evening or sometimes during the day on my breaks.
  • Mobile phone – 24/7 on silent, no notifications, often on aeroplane position – I do not pick up calls 99% of the time, otherwise by appointment or when someone has called and then indicate via email that it is VERY URGENT (99.9%) not the case ….)

The result…

  • productivity x 100
  • feel-good x 100
  • stress levels -/- 100.

# 3 Loneliness & Isolation

Great fun, all that distraction, but what does it really deliver? One thing is certain, if you are constantly distracted, you will never become a leader.

As an elite performer you want to be a leader and not a follower. Break away from the 95% of the population who follow the herd like a sheep!


The neocortex ensures that you are “stuck” to the way you respond to everything around you. An elite performer wants to get out of that fixed pattern and get started with things that seem impossible. They eliminate their neocortex by opting for loneliness and isolation so that there are no distractions whatsoever.

You can do that too. Work in a protected, quiet place without distractions. It activates hypofrontality and in this way, you unlock your elite brain (the seed of human genius).

Think about:

  • a hut on the beach;
  • an extra apartment where you can be completely by  yourself;
  • a hotel;
  • library;

These moments for yourself make a huge contribution to your productivity. The CHOICE is up to you, do you want to permanently join the 5% elite performers of the world?

# 4 Always work according to a schedule

I cannot say it often enough: ALWAYS work according to a schedule. If you do not know what to do, you are constantly too easily distracted. Therefore plan every day, because that is the only way to get life’s work done that brings you closer to your goal.

Sometimes it is also good not to do certain things. I avoid the following activities as much as possible:

Driving – traffic jams are virtually unavoidable and therefore a killer of your productivity and time.
Meaningless long meetings – meetings lasting two hours can often be easily completed in 15 minutes.
Contentless WhatsApp messages and phone calls – people are just trying to eliminate their dullness.

If you haven’t done it yet: download my 5×50 productivity formula.

# 5 Morning routine = key!

You need to be aware that a morning routine is a key to start your day off right. The power of such a routine is that you create habits for yourself. Making a morning routine into a habit takes some time. Creating a new habit takes 66 days, only then does it become “easy”. Learn to ignore social media, your mailbox and the news, rather concentrate on really important things.

My morning routine

I clearly have my morning routine planned for myself. I get up at 4:45 am. Then I am involved in personal development activities such as gym, book reading, meditation, affirmation, visualization, brain program, ONE-thing and so on!

The rule is simple: before the sun has risen you must have won the day!

How do you do this? By having a morning routine that you perform every day!

Victories are won before you even step on the battlefield of the day

I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s not for nothing that 95% of people don’t succeed! Elite performers understand that if they want to leave the 95% majority behind, they must completely change course. And I think that is great about my elite performance life. I constantly see around me how not to do it! As a result, I continue to challenge myself to be a Shephard instead of a sheep.

Are you ready for it?

Are you REALLY READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY? Will you NOW make the choice to say: “I am ready to belong to 95%. I now go for an extraordinary life! And for that, I will do the things that 95% of the world does not do!”

If you are ready, then I will gladly help you to break through your current identity and coach you to an extraordinary life! Ready for it? Click here & do your intake now.

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