Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

The 3-Phase Strategy of Elite Performers

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Do you want an extraordinary life? A life where you get everything out of yourself and you achieve your dreams and goals faster than you ever dared to dream? You can, but then you have to start training. Only then can you join the 5% of elite performers in this world. I will show you how you can lead an extraordinary life with the 3-phase strategy of elite performers. And, you also have to train seven ‘muscles’.

Elite performers? Who are they?

Elite performers are people who get everything out of their lives and live according to the motto “Die with no regrets”. In essence, elite performers do not differ from other people. The difference lies in living according to the 3-phase strategy so that they get the most out of their lives. When the day comes, they will die completely satisfied. Many dream, tell, fantasize or brag about an extraordinary life and never make it happen. That is because the 3-phase strategy is very simple, but requires a lot of effort. That is why only 5% of the world lives according to this strategy. Believe me, an extraordinary life is also possible for you! Do you think that you are not ready for it at the moment? Or do you believe that being successful must be in your DNA or that not everyone can become an elite performer? Do you have these thoughts? Then …,  you have a limited mindset! Let me start by explaining the 3-phase strategy, then you know what you have to do.

Phase 1: The Belief System

We like to be limited in our actions. Yes, you too, even though you may not think so. The point is that it happens unknowingly. You were affected since the day you were born. These influences had (and have) an enormous IMPACT on your belief system. Many people in this world think in:
  • scarcity
  • lack
  • low self-esteem
  • etc
It’s okay, it just means that you have a belief system right now that gets in the way of an extraordinary life. Your belief system is constantly active and when you do not create consciousness you live according to the expectations and influences of other people.

Mastery over your mindset

  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I can’t do this.”
  • “People think I’m weird.”
  • “Successful people come from successful families.”
  • etc
I’m sure you have certainly experienced one or more of the above thoughts above? Have you accepted these thoughts for truth? Or do you know that they are only thoughts and that they are not reality? Your first step is to become a master of your mindset. Only then can you gain mastery over your belief system. You do this by making conscious choices every day. Elite performers work on their belief system for at least 1.5 hours a day. They do this based on: Only when you understand how you gain mastery over your belief system are you ready to begin the second phase.

Stage 2: Habits

When you have started working on your belief system, you are ready to create habits. We all have habits. The pitfall is that we are not aware of the many habits we have and we certainly do not realize that most are in the way of an extraordinary life. Do you know what habits you have? Map all your habits in 2 columns: positive and negative. Found negative habits? Turn them into positive ones. If you do not know what habits you have (I doubt that very much …), ask your partner or a good friend what your positive and negative habits are. Elite performers also have negative habits. We all have them. Only elite performers are aware of their negative habits and train themselves to get rid of these habits.

Now comes the ‘biggest secret’

Learning a new habit takes 66 days! Yup, you read that right! It takes 66 days and that is why so few people manage to keep it up. Many give it up after three weeks, about twenty days, already. The image of Robin Sharma below clearly explains:   elite-performers-habits As you can see, creating a habit demands more and more willpower every day. You will soon read that willpower is one of the seven ‘muscles’ that you have to train. After 66 days you will reach the point that a new habit has been installed. Then you have more willpower at your disposal to learn a new habit. This is also the strategy of elite performers: Elite performers learn at least 1 new habit every 66 days. By doing this their entire lives, they achieve elite performance results in their lives.   Most people fail here because they do not consistently adhere to learning and implementing new habits. To make a real difference you have to be ruthless. Yes, you read that right too, you get an extraordinary life by being ruthless, among other things. This is the only way to reach the level of an elite performer. And when you realize how important it is to learn habits, you can start working on phase 3…

Phase 3: Routines

I’m sure you have certainly heard of positive rituals (routines) and maybe you have created routines in your life already? The only question is: Do you actually do these routines every day? This is the difference between elite performers and the other 95% of the world population. Elite performers train themselves to adhere to their rituals (routines) on a daily basis. No matter what, whether they have a good day or not, they ALWAYS do it. Elite performers know that their lives consist of seven different ‘muscles’. The seven muscles of elite performers
  • Optimism
  • Focus
  • Willpower
  • Ruthlessness
  • Genius
  • Performance
  • Simplification
They are called muscles because you can actually train them. And just like with your arm or leg muscles, you need to train them more often per week to actually make them stronger. This is the reason why there is a big difference between elite performers and 95% of the world population: Elite Performers do what 95% of the world’s population does not do. And no, that doesn’t mean that elite performer like everything they do. NO WAY! They do a lot of things that they actually hate. For example, one of the world’s best National Football League players (NFL) admitted that he thought football was terrible, but that he was only satisfied with achieving his goals.   This immediately shows why it is not easy to become an elite performer. After all, you often have to do work that you don’t feel like doing at all. The result is that your muscles become stronger. And this is immediately the secret behind the elite performers: Elite Performers even do the things they really hate! I will honestly tell you that I did not feel like writing an article at all. With great reluctance, I started to do it with the intention to write a top article! And I can tell you one thing: when I finish this article I will feel divine! Why? Because through this choice I have trained my “Willpower and Performance Pier”. So are you ready for phase 3? Do you have the power to set up rituals and routines that give you an extraordinary life? Then set up a routine that you really apply every day.

Ready to become an elite performer?

Are you ready to live an extraordinary life? To start living as a real elite performer, where you realize all too well that it must become a way of life that you work hard every day? When you are ready for that, I would like to invite you for a free intake interview.