Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Lost your passion? Here’s how to rediscover it!

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Do you set your alarm on snooze on average four times every morning because you don’t feel like starting your day? Do you not have the energy and desire to do things with your friends? Does the dreaded afternoon dip come even earlier? Then you have lost something: your passion! No worries my friend, I am going to tell you exactly how to find your passion so that you can live your life overflowing with satisfaction whilst achieving your highest potential and best performance in all areas of your life. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Let’s go!

Follow your highest positive feelings

Until 2017 my biggest passion was online marketing, but I noticed that my freelance work didn’t make me happy anymore. At that time, I was not actually sure what I really enjoyed doing. I read dozens of books on personal development, went to seminars worldwide and listened to podcasts and audiobooks to help me to see why I was feeling this way. I concluded that I had lost my passion and that was because I was not exploiting my true potential. I realized that I could offer the world so much more than just my marketing knowledge. I suddenly realized that I had not been following my highest positive feelings for a year. Because of this shift in personal development, I tuned into my self and discovered that entrepreneurs training in the field of online marketing made me very happy and so did strategy sessions with companies. And when I realized that I also wanted to do even more in the field of business coaching, it made me even happier. Voila! That combined together gave me the idea that I wanted to do more with high performance (a term that was unknown to me at the time). I knew how incredibly important it is to work on yourself, your health, relationships, mindset and so on. I realized instantly that when I started following my highest positive feelings, I would find my passion again:
  • high-performance coaching
  • business coaching
  • online marketin
I realized instantly that when I started following my highest positive feelings, I would find my passion again
So now the questions are directed to you: What is briging you your highest positive feelings? And how can you make that your passion? Because let me tell you this: Whatever it is that you are passionate about you can make it into a business for yourself! When you have passion you have everything. Do not let yourself listen to the fears that you have skating around in your head right now! Don’t let them eliminate your dreams and positive feelings. Know that you really can turn any passion into a serious life. In addition to this first point, there are other important things to consider.

Make sure you are well-rested

You may have passion, but do you also the energy to follow through with it? Getting enough sleep is so incredibly important for everyone. If you lack sleep for a long time, you will notice that it will have huge consequences on the passions in your life.
If you lack sleep for a long time, you will notice that it will have huge consequences on the passions in your life.
The same applies if you had passion but for some reason, you’ve misplaced or lost it! You need sleep to find out what you really enjoy doing in your life. You can’t function normally if you get too little sleep. Scientific studies show that sleeping less than seven hours a night has the same effect on your cognitive memory as drinking four glasses of alcohol. This makes it clear that you need at least seven hours of quality sleep. An hour before you go to sleep, stop with the blue screens (mobile phone, computer and TV), then start to prepare yourself for bed. So if you find that you run optimally on 7 hours of sleep (my gf needs at least 8 hours, I need 7) then make sure you are in bed 7 hours and 30 minutes before your alarm clock goes off the next morning. After all, your body needs time to get into a deep sleep. Quality matters. You will find that when you are regularly well-rested you will feel at your best every day. This then makes following your passion a lot easier compared to spending half your day looking under your coffee cup for energy! So from now on: plenty of sleep!


I often hear during the intakes for my 1-on-1 high-performance coaching that many people are not yet practising journaling. Personally, I think journaling is extremely important. I journal about:
  • What I am grateful for;
  • What went well and how I can do this more often;
  • What didn’t go so well and what I can learn from that;
  • The goals in my life.
Journaling looks a bit like a diary. By making good use of a journal, you can reflect on where you are standing in life. This way you can learn from yourself and understand why you were so tired or cranky the last week.
By making good use of a journal, you can reflect on where you are standing in life. This way you can learn from yourself and understand why you were so tired or cranky the last week.
Journaling has meant a lot to me. For example, I always use to be nervous about speaking at an event a week in advance. I often asked myself questions in my head that started with “what if …..”. Funnily enough, I saw that those “what if ….” moments never came true, so I decided to make a note of these moments for myself. The times I thought “what if …”, I browsed my journal back to the day when I was thinking the same. Reading what I wrote about how good my talk went and how all my worries never came true at all gave me the confidence to move past my worries and focus on more positive feelings instead. Journaling is also a great way to find out what you really enjoy doing, and then see how you can do these things more often. You will, of course, also find out what you don’t like and what your pitfalls are so that you can ensure that you do less of these things.

Dreaming and Visualizing

Do you ever dream? Do you ever have those days when you are daydreaming and thinking about the best things? What if these things came true, what would your life look like? We all have to dream and visualize more. What are your goals in life? Do you visualize this? Every morning I grab a moment of visualization in which I ‘visualize’ my dreams:
  • Speaking in front of 16,000 people delivering great value;
  • The dream house by the sea where I organize retreats with my girlfriend;
  • The people I coach 1-on-1 and the free time we spend on exotic things.
Dreams, we don’t allow ourselves enough time for it. We frighten ourselves by thinking in fear and problems and, as a result, we are prevented from chasing our passion. Do you want to find your passion again? Then start planning daily moments to dream and visualize. I’m being serious! Do it every day, imagine your dream life, every bit of it in detail, FEEL IT! Get excited about it! Get emotionally involved! Keep it up and know that you can make everything you dream about come true. If you can imagine it, then it’s possible for you! So dream! Don’t think in fear! Everything is possible! Live your passion!

Put your passion into practice

What do you really enjoy doing? What is your true passion? What gets you excited? What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? Do you know? Then do it! Put your passion into practice every day. Nothing or nobody can stop you, not even:
  • The opinion of other people;
  • Your deepest fears;
  • Situations around you;
  • And so on…
If it is not possible to put your passion directly into practice, then go about dreaming and visualizing. But do one thing and that is taking some kind of ACTION. Never let your passion stop you, no matter how crazy it may sound in other people’s ears. After all, we have all seen that you can earn plenty of money by …
  • Folding table napkins;
  • Playing computer games;
  • Show people how to apply makeup;
  • And so on.

Be grateful

We are often not aware of how much we have achieved in our lives. I have lived at least one year of my life where I was not at all grateful. I had a goal in mind and in my mind, only by achieving that goal could I then be grateful. Completely stupid! You should be grateful every day for all the good that you have in your life. Be grateful for everything and don’t say: “I will be grateful when I …
  • Have coached more than 100 people;
  • Lost twenty pounds;
  • Become financially dependent;
  • Earn more than € 250,000 a year. “
What can you be grateful for in your life NOW? You are (I hope after reading this article) practicing or working towards your passion. Look around you and what do you see… your partner, your kids, your dog, your home…? Do you take it all for granted? Of course there are times in life when working towards something is dam right hard and you experience struggles. This is the perfect time to realize that you could be grateful for the fact that you actually get to work towards whatever it is your working towards…

Share it with other people

Oh yeah, I love this one! Share your passion with other people. Do not be discouraged from talking to friends about the things that you really enjoy doing. We should not suppress our passion because we think other people find that passion strange or too unrealistic. People who love you and people who fit you will love your passions or at least love the fact that you’re going for it! If that is not the case, you have to ask yourself if you want these people around you. With every 1-on-1 coaching session, I encourage my clients! I show them how well they are doing and how it is so important to stop, reflect and appreciate what they achieved so far before continuing on their path. It is because they are encouraged in this way and made aware of what they have achieved and how far they have come, that they are even better aware of how wonderful and fun working towards their passion really is. Therefore, share your passion with other people. Celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small they are! Let your passion really live and as I said: don’t suppress it. Embrace your passion, it is what you were put here to do! I encourage you to spend as much time on it as possible.

Found your passion?

I am curious to know if you have found your passion (again) after reading this article. Leave a comment below, let me know if you have found your passion or retrieved it again and if not …. then let me know what brings you JOY and ENERGY. I am 100% sure that you will find your passion again. Good luck! 1. Finding my passion again 2.-Lack-sleep-and-losing-your-passion 3.-Journaling-to-finding-your-passion 1. Finding my passion again