Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Influencer? Be a role model & stick to what you say

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I’ll get straight to the point: shall we agree on two things?

  • First, you read this article completely.
  • Then you make it a habit to keep appointments with others and yourself.

Why? Only then can you influence your own life and that of others.

The world is full of people who can talk the talk, but they do not walk the walk and put all their grand plans into practice. Do you ever do that? Proclaiming big plans and then not taking action, because you’re getting in your own way. Then read on and learn how to be a role model for yourself and for others.

Practice what you preach!

Yes, practice what you preach, or stick to what you say as rule number one. I learned it through trial and error. A few years ago I fell on my face a number of times. I didn’t keep to agreements and I wasn’t exactly a good example (role model) for others.

Almost desperately, I wanted to do everything right in the eyes of another. I was tempted to make commitments that I actually already knew I couldn’t keep. In addition, I was able to tell others exactly what to do, but I “forgot” to apply all that good advice myself.

I see a lot happening around me. A lot of people say “I practice what I preach”, but I see other stories come up on their social media accounts.

How about this in relation to your own life? Are you bursting with confidence and do what you say? Not quite? Then read on and show that you are the man or woman of action. Apply the advice and experience for yourself how your self-confidence also grows your influence on the world.

#1 We’ve all been ‘beginners’

Have you recently started a new career or perhaps your own company? And have you also read the ‘fake it till you make it’ stories online? If you believe it, you are a big dork. Apologies for my words, but it is true. Why pretend to be different from yourself? I give a few examples:

  • As a business coach, you say that you earn millions, but in reality, you don’t make a thousand euros a month.
  • Make everyone think that you as a lifestyle coach have a free life and enjoy various holidays while you can hardly make a week in a year.
  • Presenting yourself as a personal trainer with a lot of “natural muscle mass” yet forgetting to mention that you inject yourself with anabolic steroids every week.
  • Or hang out with the health specialist with an Instagram account full of pictures of the “wild” parties where you are the centre of attention.

Pretty crazy, don’t you think? Only that is how the world works. I also spoke about this during my TedX presentation.

Show your true self

We have all been beginners. Everyone starts at zero and that is not a problem at all, but you do not act differently than who you are. If you want to be a role model, you have to be yourself and show your true self. Do what you say and teach others’ things that you also apply in practice.

Practice what I preach is one of my core values. For example, I recommend several high performance coaching clients of mine to do High-Intensity Training (HIT) every morning, or at least five times a week. Guess what I do every morning, yes, a HIT workout. And of course, there are days when I don’t do it, but I’m honest and open about it!

Another example: I advise my business coaching clients to automate and systematize their business. And yes, I also automate and systematize my own company.

In short: you should be the example for the people you want to help in your life. So drop that “fake it till you make it” mentality and accept that you are a beginner in your specific field. You are not credible until you show what you have gone through to get where you are now. Also, dare to show your weaknesses and share how you make those weaknesses your strengths.

#2 People learn from people who look like them

You learn from people who look like you, so choose role models that suit you and what you want to look like. If you want to be a role model, you have to show who you really are so that people can connect with you. People don’t want to learn from “Mr or Mrs perfect”. No way, they don’t trust those people. Your target audience wants to learn from real people.

So who are you really?

Go on a voyage of discovery to find out. Who are you? Who is the best version of you? And what is the story you want to share with the world so that people can learn from you?

And then: share your story with others. This is how people get interested in you because you show how you tackled the problems that they themselves experience.

#3 Keep it simple!

Sometimes it’s tempting to present very complicated solutions. Our ego likes to preach “fancy” stuff, but if you really want to help someone move forward, keep it simple.

Ultimately, you are a better example when you make it practical for someone else to get from A to B faster. Help them by teaching them a method, process, technique or whatever you want to call it. The following also applies: practice what you preach! If you can’t do it yourself, you shouldn’t expect the other person to do it.

#4 Teach them a new way of thinking

Have you read the book “Think and grow rich” or perhaps “The seven habits of highly influential people”? Just guess what these books have in common? The books teach you a new way of thinking. They show you the world from a different perspective.

As a role model for someone else, you want to do the same. You want to teach the other person a new way of thinking.

How do you do that? Pretty simple …

  • Connect with them by acknowledging them.
  • Tell them a new, more beautiful and better world.
  • Get them to implement “your idea.”

So never start by telling someone what to do differently. This is not going to work because the other person does not yet understand your way of thinking. So take the other person into the new, more beautiful and better world before you encourage him or her to take action.

#5 It starts with yourself

If you do not keep to the agreements you make with yourself, your self-confidence will decrease because you cannot trust yourself. It seems obvious, but I see it happening all the time.

Does it sound familiar to you? Do an intake for high-performance coaching and I will help you restore your confidence in two weeks.

Being and becoming a role model simply starts with yourself. You should be a good example if you want to help someone else. And then the circle is complete because it all starts with “practice what you preach”. Doing what you say increases confidence, so you can better teach other people what you do.

Can I help you?

I hope this article has made it clear to you that you need to show the world who you really are. You are a unique and wonderful person! Omit those filters and masks, dare to be vulnerable, and be a role model so you can make someone else’s life better.

People are waiting for you, the real you!
Need help finding the real you?

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