Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

How To Achieve Your Goals!

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How often have you set goals that you don’t actually end up achieving?? It may go something like this: initially, you get a lot of energy from working on your goals. After a while, you find that that initial motivation wears off and you don’t really feel like it anymore. You put your goals aside and continue aimlessly with your life. You are disappointed because you realize that it is important to have goals in order to make progress in life. Start by setting goals with the intention: “This time I WILL reach my goals!” Do you want to know more about how you determine and achieve goals? Then read on.

Burning desire

It all starts with a burning desire. A desire needs to be so great that you want to get started NOW and do not allow for any delay. Many people have great stories about their “great goals and dreams in their lives,” when I ask them when they will get started on achieving those goals, they smile at me and quickly come up with excuses such as: “Next year I will do it!” “Ohh, but I’m not there yet. First I have to do this, this and that. ” “I will start tomorrow because then I will be” ready “for it.” etc A very important thing is missing: a burning desire. The first step is therefore to create a burning desire for yourself. What is your burning desire? If a goal or dream haunts your mind 24/7 and you know deep down that you want to achieve this, then you know that you have found a burning desire that you can get started with. The next step is then …

Emotional connection with your goal

Every morning before you start your work, you first connect yourself emotionally with your goal. You do this by applying meditation, visualization and affirmations. Close your eyes, bring yourself into meditation and then you start to visualize your goal. You see that you have achieved the goal, you see everything in bright colours, you hear the sounds, you feel the emotions. Emotional commitment to your goal is the FUEL that you need if you are struggling and working towards your goal is just not easy. It is precisely at this time that weak people are giving up. They shrink back and convince themselves that it is okay to give up. Do not give up Think of your burning desire and know that learning a new habit that helps you reach your goal takes 66 days. Hell breaks loose in the middle of these 66 days. Thousands of thoughts and ideas come to mind to give up. Giving up is never okay! Giving up is for weak people with full of self-pity. My burning desire ensures that I get up at 5 am every day and do my intensive workout. I break, but I don’t give up because every morning before I go to the gym I connect myself emotionally with my goal. I spend at least 30 minutes of meditation in combination with visualization and affirmations in the morning, then I am ready for a great day. Get yourself emotionally prepared for the day every morning. The emotional connection with your goal ensures that you can pull yourself through during the difficult moments. Do you know your burning desire? Are you willing to invest EVERY morning time in meditation, affirmation and visualization of your goal? YES? Then it’s time for the following …

Planning, scores and reflection

You will get nowhere without planning, scores and reflection. First, you must have your schedule ready every week and you must know exactly what you are going to do every day and every hour. People who do not plan are people who fill their days with the mailbox, check WhatsApp and social media, pick up phone calls and other nonsense. Yes, I call it unreasonable! It’s good to realize (if you don’t know yet) that you could die tomorrow. Maybe even today! Therefore, be thankful for life and realize that what you do every day is a miniature version of your entire life. If you do not take control today and do not plan your day, then you are not prepared to reach your goal.

Therefore, plan every day! Because one thing is a FACT: if it is not on your agenda you will NOT do it.

Also handy to have: download my 5×50 productivity formula.

Score and reflection

Secondly, it is important to give yourself scores at the end of each day and every week and to reflect. It helps you to become more productive and achieve your goals faster. You can then ask yourself questions such as:
  • Did I work with the right intention every day?
  • What was my level of flow and focus?
  • Have I kept my schedule?
  • Did I take my work seriously today?
  • Have I done my meditation, affirmation and visualization?
  • etc
By reflecting you can map the points where you want to further develop yourself. If you find that focus and flow are not that easy because you get distracted quickly, make sure that you give yourself a score for focus and flow on a daily and weekly basis. When you do this continuously, you know how you can do even better next time. I say for good reason: you are the best mentor in your life.

And now … you know enough

Burning desire + emotional commitment + plans + score + reflection = WIN! You no longer have to search the internet, because you know exactly how you will achieve your goals. Therefore apply it directly in practice. Do you believe that you cannot do it on your own? Then delve into 1-on-1 high-performance coaching. Together we achieve every goal that you have in mind. No BS, pure reality! Are you immediately ready for 1-on-1 coaching? Then click here and do an intake.