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Wouter Kleinsman

Coronavirus… The Signal For Change?

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Nobody can ignore the coronavirus any more, so here I will discuss it, but in a different way than you might first think…

With this article I want to raise awareness about the fact that constantly working on good physical and mental health makes you more resistant to threats such as the coronavirus, but also to Alzheimer’s and diabetes, two diseases that pose much greater threats than the virus that now prevails worldwide. .


This article is emphatically not about people who belong to the risk group due to congenital diseases, disorders or old age. This article is aimed at people who can make the choice to take better care of themselves, so that they are more resilient to a serious threat.

More people are dying from Alzheimer’s and diabetes

As for the coronavirus, most people are now completely defensive and rightly so. We need to stay at home now, wash our hands better and cough in our elbow so we don’t burden hospitals any more. Fear rules, which is understandable, but do you know that more people die from the effects of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease? I am not saying that it is really the case that we are much less concerned about this than about the effects of corona, which will be fairly mild for many people. Why? Probably because we cannot avoid corona and Alzheimer’s and diabetes seem very unlikely to happen to us or our loved ones, that is until it does happen.

What can you do yourself?

Let’s zoom in on Alzheimer’s. According to figures from Alzheimer Netherlands, five people with dementia are diagnosed every hour in the Netherlands and dementia is the fastest growing cause of death in the Netherlands, according to Statistics Netherlands. Why isn’t this (like corona) 24/7 booming news?

In the Netherlands, far more people have the coronavirus than the figures from RIVM indicate. That is to say, many people get through despite minimal precaution. As just indicated, the number of people with Alzheimer’s is growing steadily, but let’s take a look at the seven main influenceable risk factors of dementia:

  1. Low mental activity (during life few challenges in work, hobby, social activities and education. Basically not exercising the brain.)
  2. Smoking
  3. Little exercise
  4. Depression
  5. High blood pressure (from middle age)
  6. Diabetes
  7. Severely overweight (from middle age)

These are influenceable risk factors, which means that you can do something about it now (as a precaution) so that you reduce the risks, become more resilient and are not affected.

How do you become more resilient as a person?

Improving your resilience starts with avoiding alcohol, fast food, sweets, cigarettes and related addictive substances. In the dutch article below you see waiting lines for the coffeeshops. How stupid!

Talk about a missed opportunity!

You can be very concerned about corona, but not taking good care of yourself is more dangerous. Just read Dave Asprey’s post below and you’ll know what I mean.

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Have you had your corona muffin yet today? . This just happened. Standing next to an airport fast food joint, a gust of burned toast kitchen air made me clear my throat. . A puffy person 10 feet away told me to cover my mouth better. . I told her not to worry, it was just gluten, and I chuckled because it was absurd. So did others in line. . Then the woman got louder and told me to cover my mouth again even though I hadn’t even coughed. . And then it hit me. I told her that I was really worried that the crap she was eating was making her more susceptible to the virus and that she might be a carrier because of her diet. . It’s just sort of came out of my mouth and maybe wasn’t the nicest thing I’ve ever said. But it rang true. . So if you are one of those healthy people in favor of moving the Olympics and otherwise isolating out of fear, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is: . Put down the muffin and step away slowly. . (Just like I did with this prop – there’s no way I would eat it because I know how I would feel afterwards, and I like to be strong when I fly across the country, whether it’s a normal cold season or not.) . And if you are one of those people who believes in “herd immunity” you also have a moral obligation to stop eating garbage so you are less likely to get sick and then infect someone else with *anything*. I don’t care if you submerge yourself in Purell or got a flu vaccine – your diet and sleep are bigger factors in whether you get sick at all. . Building highly resilient humans starts with thinking our way through irrational fears, or owning them so completely that they disrupt your life. Then, when it becomes intolerable, you wake up to the fact that it hurts to believe your fears are real without thinking. . Sadly, the US media is headed down that second path even though the vast majority of Americans I’ve seen in airports this week aren’t fearful. Let’s not let a fear-driven, histrionic, and very loud minority override what most people want: an end to media flogging the tired Corona non-event. . Seriously, step away from the muffin! .. .#coronavirus #muffin #fear #quarantine

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# 1 Focus on your mental health first

Panic about the coronavirus? Then stop stressing. Panic and stress lead to a lower resistance with the result that you become more vulnerable and that the virus is more easily caught.

Ask yourself what you can do within your circle of influence. You can immediately let go of anything that is outside your circle of influence. Realize that you always have a choice, you can think about problems or possibilities and you can get angry or grateful. You can help the process by:

  • start a journal about how you can become mentally healthier;
  • meditate, use affirmations, visualize and be grateful;
  • exchange your hour of Netflix for an hour of yoga to get some peace of mind and connect to your body;
  • ask yourself the question: what would the best version of myself do in this difficult time?

# 2 Consciously choose what you eat

By eating more consciously you reduce the chance of inflammation in your body with the result that you improve resistance.

I thought I was eating very healthy, until I got the result of my Viome test last week. The Viome test is basically a shit test(!), you send in your stool and they examine it. The video shows it short and sweet.

The results show exactly how you are doing in regards to your health and what you should eat to improve your gut health, which by the way is linked directly to your immune system and mental health! It tells you exactly what you should minimize and what you really should not eat anymore. By doing the Viome you get the insights needed to drastically improve your health. For example, I ate bell peppers, cauliflower and kale because I thought they were superfoods. The Viome test showed me that it is better not to eat these vegetables because they cause viruses in my gut that cause inflammation.

Well I’m not saying you should do a test like that, but I do want to get you thinking about healthy eating and dealing with your body in a responsible way. Listen to your body and eat healthy foods that feel good for you.

# 3 Don’t lock yourself up, move more!

Okay, because of corona, all outdoor sports activities are on hold, but at home you can also move your body. That is also important for our resilience!

I chose the X3 Bar for a very effective workout. The X3 workout system consists of a base plate, a bar and a set of sturdy latex bands and in just fifteen minutes gives me the acidification in my muscles that I normally need an hour for at the gym. For my conditional health I do an insanity workout.

For all people who work from home but also in the office: take a short break of five minutes every 50 minutes. Do some push-ups, take a short walk outdoors, drink two glasses of water.

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Defense? Or attack? That’s what I see in the last few days on the internet. People like @grantcardone, @jaybaer, @tibor.nl, @dave.asprey, @nickjamesevents and many more are all talking about the possibilities. Many others…are talking about defense. What do we choose (@victoriakleinsman and me)? We always choose our health first. Knowing that the corona is here is not making us go in defense mode. We increase our gym work-outs. We increase our fresh air outside. We increase our quality of sleep and taking great care of our body and health. We never go in defense mode. We think about the possibilities. Because did you know that stress is lowering your immune system? And a lower immune system is a higher risk of becoming sick? So what you want to do is care even more about your health. We already care a lot about our health. We invest hundreds of euro’s and hours on our health instead of breaking down our health. How much do you invest in your health? And no I’m not only talking about money. I’m talking about hours of meditation, working out, eating organic, etc. You have a choice. To NOW see the possibility (if you didn’t saw it yet) to raise your levels of being healthy. To make healthier choices. To make this year, the year of becoming the healthiest person you ever been. Go outside and get fresh air. Do some crazy workouts at home if you don’t want to go to the gym. Stop drinking alcohol and increase your water intake. Get some high-quality supplements Get enough high quality of sleep. Whatever you do. Increase your health! Let’s go!

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# 4 Boost the quality of sleep

One of my high performance clients indicated that she can’t sleep because of the fear that is floating around in her head, as a result of which she is tired.

Understandable? Hell yes! Useful? Not at all!

I already wrote an extensive article about sleeping. In short, the quality of your sleep is very important. The better your quality of sleep, the more resilient you become. No time to read the article? These are the key takeaways:

  • Adequate rest
  • Turn off the blue screens in time (min 1 hour before bed)
  • Sleep well
  • No coffee after 2pm
  • A pitch-dark room
  • Magnesium and other supplementation
  • Track your sleep with gadgets
  • Optimize your sleep with gadgets

# 5 Supplement with proper supplements

Every month we spend around € 200 per person on supplements. Why? Because it significantly improves our health and quality of life.

How do we know that? Because we measure it!

To make yourself more resilient you can use the following supplements:

  • Turmeric – good for supporting your immune system;
  • Vitamin C – optimal functioning of your white blood cells;
  • Glutathione – antioxidant for your body that strengthens the immune system;
  • Vitamin D – to keep your immune system strong;
  • Zinc – maintaining activities of your immune system cells (take this together with copper)

Bonus Tip: Avoid the cheap junk that is filled with stuffing junk. Choose a brand such as Onnit.

Talked about Onnit. If you use the discount code “WOUTER” you get a 10% discount. Yes I am an affiliate of Onnit because I use the brand myself and I love the results.

If you have enough money to invest in your health, please your body and invest in Total Human from Onnit!

# 6 Think in possibilities (entrepreneurs)

Finally, a tip for all entrepreneurs and my business coach clients: keep thinking in terms of possibilities.

In times like this, you immediately see the difference between “average” entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs. The average entrepreneur complains, becomes scared, freezes, stops investing in himself and waits for the mood to change.

What does the successful entrepreneur do?

  • Thinking in possibilities.
  • Engage in their own circle of influence.
  • Investing in the development of himself and his company.
  • Ten times more throttle than before.

Take the wise lessons from Grant Cardone (you either love him … or you don’t!)

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. . Prepare, don’t panic. . . #coronavirus #shutdown #emergency #economic

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Whatever you do: invest in yourself and your company and think in possibilities.

Which choices are you going to make?

As you can see: you can panic or prepare yourself, for example by improving your resilience against corona, or against Alzheimer’s or diabetes.

That first step to better resilience: I hope I can get you there with this article.

I want to wish everyone a lot of strength in this difficult time! In a few years’ time, let us look back at this situation as the sign of making ourselves more resilient to this virus and the viruses that are still on the way.