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Wouter Kleinsman

Boost Your Personal Effectiveness With These 5 Boosters

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Do you want more personal and business success and do you want real high-performance results? Then start investing time in the development of your personal effectiveness.

Let’s go!

If you apply the booster recommendations below, your personal effectiveness will increase. The only way is up!

# 1 Personal effectiveness starts with clarity

Do you know what your day will look like when you wake up in the morning? Or does your day start with checking social media and possibly reading the newspaper? If so then do you go to work without a clear plan and are you constantly distracted?

Many people who I have coached as a high-performance coach and business coach at the start of the coaching process have no idea of ​​what they want to achieve. We all want to earn “a lot of money” or gain “financial freedom.” Much more important is the question: Why do you want that?

If you do not have a clear goal, you cannot be effective. So ask yourself these three questions:

  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you want to achieve and why do you want that?
  • Who is important to you and why?

These basic questions already give you an insight into where you are now in your life and where you want to go. The next step is to define a strategy for personal effectiveness.

# 2 From clarity to a strategy for personal effectiveness

Clarity is great because it is the basis for determining the strategy for your personal effectiveness. The strategy should successively state:

  • your goal for the coming year;
  • your quarterly target that matches the annual target;
  • your planning for every month, week and day to reach your quarterly target.

I often hear during the intakes for my high-performance and business coaching that people have no real idea of how they will end up at their goal because the idea feels too big for them. They lose their direction and stop because they see no possibility to reach their goal. The solution is simple: divide that grand goal into pieces, from an annual goal to a daily schedule.

Therefore make a detailed checklist that you can complete. This will prevent you from losing your clear path to success and help you to take steps each day to accomplish your goal.

This strategy for personal effectiveness is fully reflected if you ensure optimum focus.

# 3 Personal effectiveness and focus optimization

No personal effectiveness comes without focus. And believe me, that focus isn’t always easy to keep. Distraction is all around us:

  • social media notifications;
  • incoming phone calls;
  • new e-mails.

For the homeworkers among us:

  • the washing machine that gives a signal when the laundry is ready;
  • the doorbell that rings;
  • the children (and wife…) who demand attention;
  • and so on.

To optimize your focus, you need to eliminate everything that can distract you! And no, by this I don’t mean throwing your colleague out the window!  Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the actions that you take as a result of reading this article. You can eliminate the level of distraction by your colleague, for example by putting on a headset and playing focus music in the background.

Social? No…

Effective? Hell yes!

The same applies to all those other distractions. Eliminate everything, (apart from the Mrs if you want a happy life!) switch devices on or off and set clear rules if you work at home and have children.

What is this all about?

Make choices! Yes, you always have the choice to eliminate your distractions. Nobody forces you to be distracted. Be honest with yourself…do they? If someone tries to distract you, start a good conversation and let him/her know that you are working on your personal effectiveness and plan time in at a later date to be fully present with them. This brings me directly to the following advice.

# 4 Personal effectiveness: flow!

Flow, it’s such a buzz word. People all talk about how they are ‘in flow’, but often they have no idea what flow is.

Flow is a state of mind where you are figuratively in your own focus bubble. This state of mind ensures the creation of various substances in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and many more. The effects of these substances:

  • you feel good;
  • there is more focus;
  • they give you more energy;
  • it gives satisfaction;
  • etc.

So also find your focus bubble. By being in flow you get much more of life’s work, work that is really important, completed. The best side effect of being in your flow is that you get more done in less time.

Having trouble getting into your flow? I wrote an article about this: 5 most powerful habits to conquer distraction.. In this article, I show you exactly how you can; be in your flow as much as possible during the day.

Spoiler alert: if you have not yet optimized your focus, there is little chance that you will get into a real flow.

# 5 Personal effectiveness is hardcore

Personal effectiveness does not just happen. You have to work on it every day and make it a way of living.

You can see personal effectiveness as a muscle that you have to train every day. You do that by having a clear goal every day, eliminating distractions and staying in your flow.

Believe me, personal effectiveness is hardcore! You don’t achieve the results in a day, not even in a week. But you can’t be stopped when you are in your flow of focus! To be stopped is what the average people among us do. They only last one or two weeks and then they give up because they see no results.

Not you? Go for it, make the right choices now, determine your strategy and stick to it. Step by step you will become a true expert in personal effectiveness.

Ready for personal effectiveness?

Are you ready to take your personal effectiveness to an even higher level? To achieve both personal and business success?

Yes, is that what you want?

Let’s go!

Stop just reading, take action now!