Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Be Courageous and Get Everything you want in your life!

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Do you ever think ‘I can do much more than I do now’ but you don’t have the guts to take the action to prove it? That is a shame, because if there is one thing that will take you further in your life, business, relationship, health and mission, then it is COURAGE. Show guts and you can get everything you want in your life.

Having guts brought me further

I have to admit that I was not such a hero a few years ago. In groups, I did not dare to express my own opinion and I was mainly people pleasing. I didn’t have the guts to take bold steps in my life. I was restrained by potential pitfalls and problems and by the influences that I experienced in my life. I was encouraged to ‘do what everybody else is doing’. This is probably familiar to you. As a result, I always kept myself small and did not fully pursue my dreams.

Courage needed

I knew where I wanted to go in life and what I thought about things, but I lacked the courage. I didn’t make the choices that contributed to my goal and I didn’t make it clear to people what I really thought about things. Fortunately, I discovered that having guts was incredibly important to move forward. I went my own way no matter what and every step brought me closer to my dreams and to the best version of myself. The moral of this story? Have the courage to show the outside world your true self. Ready? Here we go!

# 1 What score would you give yourself for courage?

If you want to improve something, it is important to first get clear about where you are now. That’s why I always start by asking what score you would give yourself in every area where you want to improve. So today the question is: What number between 1 and 10 would you give yourself when it comes to courage? Have you given yourself a score? Then think about why you gave yourself this score. What daring choices are you currently making? Or do you now notice that you are making the right choices without showing any courage? It is so important to always ask yourself these questions first. Be honest in answering them. It immediately gives you insights into which situations you have or don’t have the guts to do and you can start changing them immediately.

# 2 What can your strongest version of courage achieve?

Imagine the strongest version of yourself when it comes to having an abundant amount of courage. What could you achieve that you have not achieved yet? What are the choices you would make compared to the ones you do not make now? What could this courageous version of yourself really achieve? A bit of a mouth full! By answering this question with the best version of yourself in mind, you immediately see why it is so important to have courage. Just saying, “I will be more courageous in my life” will not get you anywhere, because that alone lacks the power needed to actually become more courageous in your life.
Just saying, “I will be more courageous in my life” will not get you anywhere, because that alone lacks the power needed to actually become more courageous in your life.
It is therefore important that you understand the advantage of you having all this courage. By sketching the ADVANTAGE for yourself, you get a REASON to show real guts. Common sense does not always mean that you take action. Therefore give yourself a reason to have more courage and see the benefits of it.

# 3 Do you share the real version of yourself?

Do you show the world what a wonderful and unique person you are? Or do you meet the expectations of the people around you? Do you honestly share your opinion with your partner or are you merely pleading and only saying the things he or she wants to hear? The vast majority of the world’s population (95%) behave like sheep. They do things according to the rules of the greater whole and do not show their true “me”. Does this seem familiar to you? Then I want to ask you this honest 1-on-1 question:
What has stopped you from becoming your true self?
Many people live in pain and stress because they simply have no guts to show their true “me.” Sharing the real version of yourself requires a lot of guts, so I challenge you: show guts, have the courage and show who you really are. Realize that if you show the real version of yourself there will always be enough “haters” in the world. Don’t be afraid of the people who complain or who suddenly look weird at you. Laugh to yourself at people trying to put you down and don’t listen to friends trying to pull you back to their own safe world. I fully understand that it is not easy to show so much courage, but do it and you will reap a very different life: A deeper relationship with your partner, family and friends. You are going to undertake things in your life that give you the highest form of positive emotions. Frequently saying “NO” prevents you from doing things that you don’t like.  Saying to other people is saying yes to yourself. You become a role model for other people who see what happens if you follow your heart, feel the fear but have the courage to go for it anyway.

# 4 What do you need to do to become braver?

What do you need right now to dare to do more in your life? What is the first step you can take to show your guts? Personally, I think that for most people it is to stand up for themselves. To communicate more honestly to the outside world who they truly are. To become more honest with:
  • Him/Herself;
  • Partner;
  • Colleagues;
  • Friends;
  • Basically everyone.
If you think of being more honest and living as the highest bravest version of yourself, what thoughts come to mind? Are they anxious thoughts? Maybe procrastination or other negative or maybe positive thoughts? Know this, that if you listen to your thoughts of procrastination or avoidance, you will always live the same life. Change starts by making new choices. Choices that you did not dare to make before, because they are outside of your comfort zone. Knowing and experiencing choices that are outside of your comfort zone also makes it immediately clear that you are taking a step in the right direction. To immediately take that step in the right direction, I give you an assignment: Approach one person today who you have not been completely honest with. Start the conversation. Let the person know that you have not been honest, but that he or she means so much to you that you have the guts to show your true self from today. Don’t be afraid of what the other person will say! There will be people who will love the real you, but also people who will try to change you. In those situations, you have to show courage and ask yourself the question: “What would the highest version of myself do now?” The answer to that question is the step you have to take.
What would the highest version of myself do now?

# 5 NOW it’s time for courage!

It’s time to be courageous. It is time to take that step outside of your comfort zone. Keep in mind how wonderful your life could look like. Think of the dreams you have and the profound relationships that you could have, purely by having the courage to show your true self. Reflect on moments of doubt by asking yourself: “What choices would I make if I was brave enough?” Becoming courageous and brave is a process. A process that requires time and in which you ask yourself the critical reflection questions every time you lose your courage. Only in this way will you BECOME AWARE of how much courage you really have and what choices and steps you need to take in order to live as the highest version of your true self.