Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Are you broke and do you want to become rich? I’ll show you how!

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What do you think of when you read ‘being poor’ and ‘getting rich’? Do you think of money? Do you think about never having enough? Getting rich is not about money at all. It starts with the right strategy, if you know how it works you can also become rich, but … you have to do something to get it.

So do you want to get rich? Do you make a commitment to working really hard for it? And are you willing to go all-in in the coming years?

Yes? Good because here comes the disclaimer of this article:  we can all become rich  if  we are willing to work extremely hard for it and never give up.

Alright, let’s get rich now!

Here we go:

Getting rich starts with the right mindset

What is the difference between someone who is poor and someone who is rich?

Netflix versus mindset .

Of course there is nothing wrong with watching Netflix every now and then, if you spend time every day developing your mindset.

You don’t have to fail in this world. Everything is possible, if you want it badly enough. Five percent of the world’s population are top-high performers. And I can tell you one thing, among these people there were also ‘drop-outs’ from school, ‘problem cases’, people who had no money, they had to take a shower at a local swimming pool because they could not pay their water bill.

And where are these people now? Yes, at the top and I’m not just talking about their income. Because being rich cannot only be expressed in money. Money alone does not make you happy, believe me, it really is the truth. There are plenty of examples of people who have a lot of money but are unhappy. Being truly rich is scoring 9.5 in all areas of your life:

  • Health and energy
  • Partner
  • Family and friends
  • Mission
  • Finance
  • Hobbies and passions
  • Spirit & mindset

Healthy mindset

That’s why it’s so important that you first start creating and training a healthy mindset. You do not realize that your mindset often consists of negative and obstructing beliefs, which ensure that you see a problem in every opportunity. I spoke to a new client who did not know what he wanted to achieve at the time. He had completely lost the goal in his life. As we went through  my coaching process  , he gained insight into  what he really wanted to do / achieve in this life. And what did he do with this insight? Yes, he immediately eliminated this goal through his negative beliefs about himself.

Yes but …,

  • I am already too old;
  • I can’t do that, I’m not good enough;
  • so many other people are already doing this;
  • how can I still position myself uniquely in the market?

All restrictive thoughts got in his way, while it is this simple; there is a solution for every “problem”. The only side note, finding solutions is extremely difficult… if you have a limited mindset.

Start creating a healthy mindset by reading the many articles on my website. Many are about training your mindset. Do you need someone who pushes you and keeps you committed and helps you push aside your negative and restrictive thoughts? Then do a free intake for high performance or business coaching.


Discover your “poor strategy”

There is another difference between people who have become rich and people who remain poor. In addition to having a healthy mindset, people who are rich have a “rich-making strategy” and poor people a “be-poor” strategy.

What is your poor strategy? I assume you have it, otherwise you would not read this article. What makes sure you don’t get rich?

  • Do you have little discipline?
  • Are there many negative beliefs?
  • Do you find money an annoying subject?
  • Are you addicted to distraction?
  • Do you not think you deserve to be rich?

Do you think in terms of scarcity instead of abundance?

  • Do you think being successful is only in your DNA?

One of the most common poor strategies is the lack of planning. You start your day with all sorts of activities, such as reading emails, checking social media and long telephone conversations, things that consume energy and determine your agenda but do not produce anything. I always call that “printing,” it does not contribute to your greater purpose, your “life’s work,” and it ensures that people become and remain poor.


Only when you know what is stopping you can you change it. Map the negative points, see how you can convert them into positive points and then make a plan. In that plan, the first thing you will do every morning is to work on your life’s work. These are the things that will make you better, healthier, more successful and richer as a person.

Need help? Follow the completely free high performance challenge or elite challenge where you will remove every block and be on your path to making a rich-making strategy.


The right marketing strategy

In 2011 I started my own online marketing agency. In the first years I noticed that both large (160+ employees) and small companies (SMEs, self-employed) did not have the right strategy to make their company more successful. They spent thousands of euros on marketing but had no idea why or what exactly they were doing.

The world has many “quick-rich strategies” and “short cuts”. We have forgotten the hard work.

Nothing worth having comes easy and certainly not without the right marketing strategy. Most easy-quick strategies only focus on having a so-called “lead generation tunnel”. The most successful companies and entrepreneurs prefer a strong strategy, with which they position themselves uniquely in the market and offer real added value. Such a strategy includes:

  • a mission, vision and core values;
  • a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal);
  • the target group and added value;
  • an online marketing strategy according to the customer journey: attention, information, evaluation, purchase and experience;
  • only a limited number of key performance indicators (kpi’s) to make goals measurable.


Nothing comes easy and quick. First go to the drawing board to work out a solid strategy to focus on in the coming years. And so this also applies to everything in life.


This is a step for entrepreneurs who want to become rich financially. A step they like to skip or outsource. My advice is to initially hire a business coach who will work out the strategy together with you, so that you first get the “know-how” of how to do it yourself before outsourcing.


The right life strategy and kpi’s

The previous point was aimed at the entrepreneur, this point is aimed at everyone. If you want to become rich, you need a correct life strategy with a limited number of key figures, or KPIs, that indicate what you will focus on in the coming months.

Do you want to become healthier? These can be your kpi’s:

  • The number of times you go to the gym per week.
  • The number of healthy meals per week (60% of your plate with vegetables, 20% of your plate with proteins and 20% with healthy fats).
  • The amount of water you drink daily.

If these are your KPIs for getting healthier, make a schedule for yourself (for example in your journal) and keep track of whether you perform those activities every day. Remember that learning new habits takes 66 days on average, so a life strategy is not an easy-quick strategy

Within your life strategy you prepare KPIs for all areas of life:

  • Health and energy
  • Partner
  • Family and friends
  • Mission
  • Finance
  • Hobbies and passions
  • Spirit & mindset

After you have worked out the activities for yourself in each area, you can get to work full of discipline and commitment. The moment you let go of your obstructing beliefs and negative habits and go all-in, nothing stands in your way of becoming rich in your life.

Ready to get rich?

People who are poor and stay poor are the people who read this article and then do nothing with it. People who are ready to get rich (the people I really want to help) are the people who:

  • read this article first;
  • share their insights with at least three people (sharing = remember better);
  • develop an action plan immediately;
  • get started with becoming rich.

Are you the one? Do you like to get on with your goals? Then immediately take the next step to speed up this process:

  1. Do an intake for  business coaching  or  high performance coaching  (if you have at least € 3,000 to invest in yourself).
  2. Follow the  high performance fundamentals training  (when you have a maximum of € 600).
  3. Follow the free  elite challenge  (an inexpensive option if you want to become rich).