Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Addressing Setbacks In A High Performance Manner

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Setbacks are part of life, in fact, they are indispensable, without setbacks there is no growth. You can achieve so much more in your life if you are not constantly disrupted by your setbacks.

In this article you can read which techniques and strategies will help you to tackle setbacks. And remember: setbacks help you lead an extraordinary life at a high performance level.

Let’s go!

A high performance life consists of many setbacks

Do you have many setbacks in your life right now? Great, then you are doing well. That may sound strange now, but as you read it you will realize that you will only become truly successful when you have setbacks in your life.

My mentor Brendon Burchard, who trained me to be one of the first officially certified high performance coaches in the Netherlands, told me that as a high performer you should embrace your setbacks (struggles). And it was a good thing he did, because I ran into various setbacks on my high-performance path. So I fully understand him, because if we always keep within the lines and stay in our comfort zone then the chance of setbacks is very small.

Only when you go outside your comfort zone can setbacks arise so that you can grow as a person.

No setback in your life means little growth

Growth, both personal and business, can only be achieved by creating new experiences and that brings setbacks with it. If it does not entail setbacks, it can mean two things:

  1. You play the game safely and stay within your comfort zone.
  1. You only just step outside your comfort zone so you stay on the verge of caution, so you take mini steps.

Whether it is 1 or 2, there will hardly be any personal growth. That is why I challenge you to embrace your setbacks. Realize that they are a sign of progression and growth. To illustrate this, I will tell you about the personal setbacks surrounding my trip to and stay in England.

A week full of setbacks

I live in the Netherlands with my English fiance and we decided to go to England for 2.5 weeks in early February. Instead of traveling by plane, we traveled by car so that our dog, Hero, could easily come with us.

Setback 1

The car trip from Hengelo to Calais in France took longer than we had planned, and I can tell you: we had planned it well! Because of this we missed our train, which meant the first € 40 in extra costs.

Setback  2

When we wanted to check in our dog, we heard that he was not allowed to cross the border because his worming had to be done over 24 hours but within 72 hours and at that time it was only 21 hours since he had been wormed. That meant an additional three hours of waiting. Due to the longer journey, the battery of our Tesla was almost empty and waiting three hours would consume the last bit of energy.

We expected that we could charge the car at the Eurotunnel, but that turned out to be impossible. Fortunately a friendly lady helped to guide us to a location with a Tesla charger. After that we were lucky that we only had to wait two hours instead of three.

After more than sixteen hours, the day started at 6.30 am, we finally arrived in England at 11 pm.

Setback 3

The next setback came the morning after. Five coaching sessions with clients were planned for that day. I was ready to call the first customer when it turned out that I had no reception with my phone. Using the internet was also not an option because the connection at our address was super slow. My mother-in-law had a fast internet and good range so we had to travel and use her house just to be able to work. Here I could continue with the coaching throughout the day. In the days that followed (and at the time of writing this article) we made use of the hospitality of my mother-in-law, because after trying SIM cards from five different telephone providers, it turned out that our accommodation address was in a dead zone of the internet.

Setback 4

If you thought I was done telling you about the setbacks, hangfire because there are more to come! A large part of my online marketing runs through one platform. In England I suddenly received an email from a customer that he could not see my videos and my marketing offer (my products that I sell online). When I checked this I found out that my marketing platform (I don’t mention a name …) had a problem for more than a month, so I missed more than €9,000 in sales.

Okay Wouter, why do I need to know your setbacks? Simply to show you that these setbacks have made me stronger as a person. My mindset and being able to deal with annoying situations have been thoroughly tested in two days. I now know how important the internet is to me and also how important it is to not always have 100% confidence in the systems. Through the signal of one of my customers I discovered the error in the system that cost me € 9,000 and I now know that I have to take action.

From setback to personal growth

Setbacks in life therefore ensure that we, as people, can grow, they wake us up and make us think, so that we reach a more conscious level. Therefore see your setbacks as a sign, a sign of personal growth or the possibility of personal growth.

A clear goal ensures the struggle’s victory

Professional boxers are people who get up again and again after many blows, their goal is clear: victory!

The same applies to you, ensure a crystal clear goal that gives you energy and then you can handle any setback. You choose who wins: The setback or You choose, you win!

The right high performance mentality (I’ll figure it out)

Only a clear goal is not enough. You also need a high performance mentality. If you adopt that mentality from today, you will win.

“No matter what, I’ll figure it out!”

Make this your mantra to say to yourself in every situation: “No matter what, I’ll figure it out!” Setbacks are there to overcome and grow from not a sign to give up.

Journal about your setbacks and upgrade your success

Alright, setbacks help you with personal growth and increase your success, if you learn from them It is therefore important that you write down your setbacks in a journal because remembering everything is not possible. Be honest, do you know exactly what emotions you felt yesterday or last month? Certainly not! Therefore, make a journal about your setbacks so that you know exactly how to act during a setback next time. After all, it is not smart to not learn from your setbacks because then there will be no growth.

The setbacks of my trip are all neatly in my journal. The next time we go to England by car, we know exactly how to handle it better, so we arrive in England faster and more relaxed and have no problems with the internet and are reachable.

Aim for at least 1 setback per day

Challenge yourself. Therefore do at least one thing outside your comfort zone every day. And remember; don’t play it safe. Go for growth and achieve your maximum potential and best performance. Grab your journal every morning and see for yourself what you can do where the potential of a setback is great. You now know that immediate action is the fastest way to growth.

Dealing with setbacks: extra high performance tips

You now know how to deal with the setbacks in your life. Yet I realize that the required action and mindset is not always that easy to apply, so here are a few extra tips below:

  • See your setbacks as learning moments and signs of growth.
  • Never link setbacks to negative emotions. Enjoy the setback because you now realize that it is responsible for personal growth.
  • Setback? Do not panic, meditate for ten minutes to find a solution for yourself in peace.
  • Make a note of every setback, no matter how big or how small it is. Do so in a positive way: My setback was …. and my solution was ….
  • Share your setbacks with people around you so that you can look for a solution together.
  • Always realize: where there is a setback there is growth!

Ready to embrace your setbacks?

Do you dare? Combat the setbacks out of your comfort zone and thus ensure super-fast personal growth that also brings you business success?

Then book a completely non-binding and free 1-on-1 coaching session with me as your high performance or business coach.