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Wouter Kleinsman

9 Life Areas For Business & Personal Success!

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Are you successful in business but do you go through a rollercoaster of different personal emotions? Do you want to become successful both professionally and personally? Are you ready to delve into personal development? Whatever your goal, you MUST know and implement these 9 life areas that will multiply and determine your personal and business success Why do you have to understand these 9 areas? There are a lot of successful business entrepreneurs who unfortunately underperform in their private life. The same applies the other way around, people who score high in the private sphere often score low in the business sphere. How is that possible? These people do not have the right way of working for success in the areas that need the most attention, they are juggling and struggling and do not ask for help from experts in their weakest area. The combination of business and personal success starts with understanding the 9 areas of life. If you UNDERSTAND that all areas have a connection with each other, you also understand that you will only achieve success if you pay attention to these areas both personally and professionally. Ready? Let’s go!

Personal & Business Success area 1: Internal Self

Are you focused on external things? If yes, you are not the only one. Many people in this world think that they are a better person, for example by having an expensive car, branded clothing (which then breaks down within 1 month and are often made in the same place as the exact same cheaper version!) or many followers on social media. Although these people may score well in the external field, they often score low in their internal field, also known as the “internal self”. Your first step to personal and business success starts with your internal self:
  • personality
  • gifts
  • talents
  • strengths
  • emotions
I find people who score high internally a thousand times more interesting and attractive than people with an external focus. I’m not berating these type of people, I used to be such an “external” guy. I was in the gym seven days a week to make sure that I looked muscled when I took my top off at festivals! At the same time, I was shy and insecure deep down. I also made a lot of money, but my intentions to why I wanted to make money were not always clear. In short: I used to score here and there externally but not at all internally, which ultimately ensured that I did not become successful both personally and professionally. Because let’s be honest, who falls for a beautiful lady or man who looks beautiful on the outside but is arrogant or incredibly shy? Not me!

Success comes from within

Therefore always start with your internal self. I can’t encourage enough people to do an intake session for high-performance coaching. It is one of the first steps to successfully work on your personal development. After all, personal development starts with yourself and not with the situations or things around you. Think about:
  • who you are / want to be (your core values);
  • what you want to achieve in this world;
  • your passion / your powerful mission;
  • strengths but also your weaknesses. From the weak you can make strong points;
  • the negative emotions you experience and how you convert them into positive emotions.
In short: the first step to personal and business success starts with your internal self. Find it 100% from the inside and become the best version of yourself!

Personal & Business Success area 2: Memetic

  What is a memetic? Meme is a self-propagating unit of cultural evolution, just as a gene is the unit of biological evolution. A meme also consists of aspects such as:
  • beliefs;
  • ideas;
  • knowledge;
  • cultural norms.
Everyone is a wonderful person. It would be arrogant to say that they are not. Unfortunately, too few people realize that they are a wonderful person of their own. All this has to do with our beliefs. We have had many convictions about life since birth. We receive this from, among others: father and mother;
  • brother and sister;
  • teachers;
  • friends;
  • authorities.
If you have never noticed or wondered if your current beliefs are correct, then you have become a slave to the system. What I mean by this is that you live the life that others expect from you. You do not take personal leadership over your own life and you do not choose which beliefs are and are not correct for you. That’s why you have to work on your memetic. There are many ways to work on this, for example: meditation;
  • affirmations;
  • visualization;
  • brain programs to program your subconscious mind;
  • reading books and following training courses; etc.
If you are an elite performer like me, the above activities are things you do every day. Just as with the “internal self” area, you have to take matters into your own hands. Ask yourself: what is that best version of me and how do I create it? To get started with that you need to program yourself. You do that with the above activities, among other things. Do you want to grow faster? Then I advise you to do an intake for high performance coaching.

Personal & Business Success area 3: Spirituality

Are you interested in spirituality? When I first came in contact with it, I thought it was all woo-woo. Frankly, I didn’t want anything to do with this “nonsense.” Okay, you guessed it, I found out that being spiritual is far from nonsense. After all, we are all spiritual beings (believe it or not!). Being spiritual brings a lot. Whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t matter. The point is that you realize that we live in a world of abundance instead of scarcity and lack. And that when we act with pure and good intentions, we can all become more successful. Spirituality starts with having the right mindset. When you open yourself up and when you work with this on a daily basis, you will see step by step how you will become more successful, both personally and professionally. And no, being spiritual does not mean that everything comes on its own and that you don’t have to do anything, that is being too woo-woo (in my opinion)! Spiritual means that you believe and that you act according to what you feel deep inside. So ALWAYS take action and never think that it will come naturally. When you knock on the door of opportunity, it’s work that answers!

Personal & Business Success area 4: External relationships

Have you noticed that we are going from the inside to the outside? We started with internal self, and through memetic and spirituality we now go to “outside”, to our external relationships. You have certainly heard of the following:
You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with the most.
If you look at yourself which people are closest to you?
  • family
  • friends
  • colleagues
  • network
How is that for you? Do you really want these people around you? If you currently have friends who are only complaining and taking your energy away, then I ask you to consider ending these relationships. Life is too short to have energy hoovers around you. Realize once again that you will look like the people you interact with the most. This is why my group of friends is so incredibly small. I only want people around me who bring out the best in me. Therefore, use the following rule:
You can ALWAYS choose friends but you can’t choose your family. However, you can choose the amount of time you spend with them.
The most successful people in the world know better than anyone how important their external relationships are. So now take a look at the people closest to you and ask yourself the following question: Would I like to swap lives with them? No? Then ask yourself carefully again if you want these people around you.

Personal & Business Success area 5: Network

Just as the most successful people realize how important their external relationships are, they know better than anyone how important their network is. The network that consists of:
  • communities (think of social media or perhaps your own community);
  • strategic partners;
  • customers.
You can achieve successful business and personal success quickly with a network of people around you on a similar mission to you. In the book “Think and Grow Rich” they talk about a mastermind (group). I have also set up a mastermind group with international members. We meet every week to bring our shared ideas to a higher level. But not only a mastermind is important. How are the customers you work for? Do they really suit you? Too many entrepreneurs that I speak to have relatively few A* customers, customers who really make them happy and who also pay well. How does this shortage of A* customers come? These entrepreneurs often have low self-confidence, act from fear and think that there is scarcity/lack in the world, which means that they want to attract any customer as long as they get paid. Stupid move! As an entrepreneur you only want A*-customers. Customers who give you a lot of energy, no moaning and pay well! After all, don’t forget: when you CHOOSE to work for less, you will never go all-in. Your energy will then be swallowed up by poorly paying customers who also complain a lot.
A*-customers provide energy! Everything below that, costs your energy. YOU always choose!
So make sure that you look around you again and you CHOOSE which people you want in your community, mastermind and clientele.
You always choose! Believe it or not!

Personal & Business Success area 6: Financial

How are you currently doing financially? Do you have no idea? I also knew very little about this when I started as an entrepreneur. It was only in my second entrepreneurial year that I spent time on this. Having a good understanding of finances is a must to be successful both personally and professionally. You should think of:
  • money (dûh!);
  • investments;
  • budgeting;
  • insurances.
I know a lot of entrepreneurs who earn a lot of money but are still in trouble. Why? They do not have a clear picture of their finances, so more goes out than comes in. Sound familiar? Then I advise you to see if you can find a good accountant who can give you a financial training so that you realize how you are doing financially. Finance is always a fixed part during my business coaching programs. After all, I don’t want my customers to make a lot of money, only to run out further down the line. I therefore teach my clients to:
  • make income and expenditure clear;
  • optimize their income and expenses (from insight -> smart choices);
  • investing money in index funds in the first instance (you must have money for later);
  • to take out the right insurance policies (otherwise you can get into bother later on).
The financial side may not be very sexy but I can tell you that it has a huge impact on both your personal and business success. Therefore, invest in your finances and at least make sure you have an accountant. This is worth its weight in gold (if you have a good one).

Personal & Business Success area 7: Physical environment

Physical environment scoring is a challenge for many people. Your physical environment has a huge impact on personal and business success. What do I mean by your physical environment?
  • Your home or office
  • Furniture
  • Equipment and technology
If you are an entrepreneur then it is a MUST to have both your home and office, furniture and equipment in good order and to keep it clean. After all, we are easily distracted and an untidy house/office or devices that work poorly ensure that we are not only easily distracted but also that we cannot perform optimally. Take a look around and ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I have the house neatly arranged? If not, time to block out a day to organise and tidy up?
  • Is my house clean? If not, time to invest in a cleaner or make time for this each day/week.
  • Is my office organised and do I only have the things on my desk that I actually use?
  • Is my office chair set correctly?
  • Do my computer and other equipment work properly or get stuck?
  • Is my computer tidy and do I only have the tabs/programs that I actually use at that time?
As I said, distraction is all around us and it is our choice to eliminate it. That is also the reason why I have written a good article about it: The 5 most powerful habits against distraction.
Distraction is all around us and it is up to us to eliminate this.

Personal & Business Success area 8: Body

As an elite performer, I know better than anyone how important our body is. Without a healthy body, you will never be successful. Therefore, work daily on your:
  • body;
  • health;
  • energy.
During my high-performance coaching strategy I zoom in on this during the third session. Time after time it strikes me that few people realize how important their body is. They are often much busier with other areas and do not invest enough time and money in their bodies. With me, a lot of money goes to my body every month. Think about:
  • organic vegetables from the greengrocer;
  • biological meat from the butcher (yes, I can even visit the animals);
  • the right supplements (not cheap but improves the quality of life at least 10 times);
  • at least 5 times a week to the gym;
  • yoga at least 5 times a week;
  • if possible, a massage twice a month (I even aim for 4 times a month);
  • meditation and training of my brain at least 7 times a week based on brain programs;
  • and so the list can continue.
I want you to realize that you cannot invest enough money in your body – not for vanity reasons but for health reasons. Your body is the vessel that enables you to experience life! Note the following:
People who invest little money in their bodies will later have to spend more money on medication and suchlike. People who invest a lot of money in their bodies have a better quality of life and later use less medication. Add years to your life AND life to your years!
The choice is yours, you choose cheap meat hiding antibiotics and vegetables drenched in poisons from the supermarket or you pay a little more, but then you know that there are no antibiotics, hormones and other junk in your food that drastically lower your quality of life. My advice is to look at you body, health and energy and to take immediate action. Be aware of the following:
Your body is like a power plant, it needs energy to give energy. Feed yourself with high-quality,whole foods from nature and you will not only perform at your best and look your best but you will also FEEL AMAZING!

Personal & Business Success area 9: Nature

  We do a nice completion of this article on the basis of the best environment to be in: nature! When I talk about nature, I am talking about:
  • being outside;
  • seasons;
  • life cycle.
Nature has a major impact on our personal and business success. For example, it is extremely important to be outside for at least 30 minutes a day to get enough fresh oxygen and sunlight but also to get your body moving. Research shows that your body reacts positively to going outside when it gets light in the morning. It ensures that your brain gets going and it ‘programs’ your body to make melatonin earlier in the evening so that you sleep better. Nature also ensures that we can live in the NOW and that we free ourselves from the thousands of thoughts that go through our heads. And of course the different seasons also have a big impact on how we feel. If you are not outside for at least 30 minutes a day, you will be many times less successful. As I said, being outside takes care of:
  • a healthy dose of oxygen to your brain;
  • relaxation and rest (releasing stress);
  • gaining new ideas (activating your creative brain);
  • living in the now;
  • movement (good for pumping your heart);
  • etc
Therefore at least follow the following advice: go outside for 30 minutes a day! Spending more time outside is bonus points, which results in a big boost in business and personal matters.

The CHOICE is now up to you

In life we ​​simply always have a choice. You now have the choice whether you just stick to consuming this article or whether you actually get started. After all, you now know what the 9 environment areas are to become more successful both professionally and personally. What will it be? When you are REALLY serious about life, I want you to do the following:
  1. Share this article with at least 3 people around you in the upcoming 60 minutes (if you teach other people what you have learned then you better remember).
  2. When you are ready for faster growth in business and personal matters, do a completely free intake now and get 1 hour of coaching!