Do you ever ask yourself what successful people do differently compared to average people? Do you want to become a better version of yourself? Do you want to know what the 4 keys are that you need in order to change your average life into that of a high-performance life?

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I show you what the 4 keys to high-performance are and why you should apply these 4 keys daily to live the life that you have always dreamed of.

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Why high performance?

I will give you a brief explanation of what high-performance actually is. High-performance is about making a difference in your own life and that of others. High-performance is about having more of the good in your life and always looking for a higher goal that brings you more satisfaction in life. People who are interested in high-performance do not want to just settle in life. These people, like me, are consciously aware that they can always get more out of life and by living as a high performer, they bring their total life (health, love, relationships, hobbies, mission, mindset) to the next- level.

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It’s time to get started now!

High-Performance Key 1: Psychology (mindset)

Absolutely everything starts with your psychology (mindset). After many years of personal development, my experience is that spending too little time on your mindset means that you are already behind. People who are not in control of their psychology are immensely happy one week and incredibly sad, stressed and irritated the next. They do not understand how this is possible and often they blame the outside world.

I was in exactly the same boat many years ago. My life was a rollercoaster of emotions. One month I felt great and the other month I felt stressed and felt that the world was ganging up on me. At that moment I did not understand that my mindset was in charge of me and that I completely filled my mindset with junk. By junk I mean things like: watching the news, continuously scrolling through social media, dealing with negative people, drinking alcohol, eating junk food and more. At that time I did not realize what the impact was on my mindset and therefore my life. Until I was fed up with the rollercoaster of negative emotions and I started to wonder:

“Surely there must be a way to experience less negative emotions and enjoy life more?”

And yes, I found my answer after reading many books and becoming passionate about personal development. I then became certified as one of the first certified high-performance coaches in the Netherlands. If you really want to be happy, everything starts with gaining mastery over your mindset. When you have mastery over your mindset, you can control your life, your emotions and you can choose whether you see everyday as a beautiful day.

If you really want to be happy, everything starts with gaining mastery over your mindset.

When building your positive mindset, my advice is to focus on the following 4 pillars:

# 1 Discipline and Motivation

Although I often write that motivation is weak, it is good to mention motivation in addition to discipline. Discipline and motivation are important because they are the engines in your life. How often do you hear that people have great ideas but never implement them? I hear this so very often. These people are not aware of how important it is to be disciplined and motivated. After all, if you want more of the good life, you first have to take action to actually make this happen. Therefore, first learn to be disciplined in your life. In my article: Need discipline? 7 tips to enhance your discipline muscle! Let me show you exactly how to approach this.

If you want more of the good life, you first have to take action to actually make this happen.

# 2 Optimism

Achieving more in life means that you have to be an optimist with a “growth mindset”. When I look at the “old version” of myself, I see the rollercoaster of emotions and absolutely no growth mindset. Although I always wanted to get more out of my company, I was never aware of the power of personal growth. Until I was really done with the roller coaster of emotions and made a decision to adopt a growth mindset. Accept yes, because it is your own choice. From that day on, my life changed completely. And not only my own, but also everyone’s closest to me. I also see it with the people I coach 1-on-1, my clients have a growth mindset and they know that they are a student to life forever! We know that we can achieve everything in our lives and that nobody can stop us. AND SO CAN YOU!

Achieving more in life means that you have to be an optimist with a “growth mindset”.

# 3 Resilience

Every high performer knows that there are moments in life when things are not going well. When life tests you it’s important to be resilient. Resilience is therefore extremely important. You will need it, because like I said: life is never 100% straight forward. In these difficult moments, immediately get up again and say to yourself: “I will figure this out!”

# 4 Empathy

In addition to being a disciplined, resilient and optimistic person, you can also show empathy towards other people. After all, you can only create a better life for yourself if you also give love and respect to other people. Therefore always ask yourself which people you prefer to have around you and how you can best help these people.

High Performance Key 2: Physiology

We all know the expression “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” This shows that your psychology and physiology are closely related. Physiology is the second key that high performers work on. In physiology I am talking about:

  • routines
  • food
  • movement
  • rest / sleep


I lived a life with not enough sleep, no routines and little exercise. And I admit that sometimes I have moments when I fall back into the ‘old me’.  I experience the impact of not getting enough sleep or eating unhealthy food for a whole week, for example holidays. And thanks to these moments I immediately see how important it is to focus daily on your physiology, a life made up of planning and routines, a healthy diet, lots of exercise and good rest and sleep.

To improve your physiology, you must be able to answer the following questions:

  • Do you have a daily routine for yourself? A routine of fixed activities during the day that keep you in a high flow?
  • Is your diet healthy? I choose intermittent fasting and I eat twice a day (12:00 and 17:00) and we focus on clean, fresh and healthy food.
  • Do you take at least 10,000 steps daily and are you active in the gym?
  • Do you have at least seven hours of deep sleep?
  • Do you have a break after 50 minutes of work in combination with breathing exercises and stretching?

Insufficient attention for optimizing your physiology means that you may suddenly experience an energy dip in the middle of your day. Or you are stressed, your focus is lost, your head is full and the risk of a burnout arises.

To get started with your physiology immediately, I advise you to download my free 5×50 Productivity Formula. I show you exactly how to become more productive in combination with working on your physiology.

High Performance Key 3: Productivity

Real productivity brings you closer to your goals and brings along the feeling of satisfaction. Productivity is about meaningful activities and not about as many activities as possible. Scrolling through WhatsApp messages and social media notifications, checking emails and being reactive in other ways may seem very productive, but at the end of the day it doesn’t really leave you with the feeling of satisfaction.

So DO NOT check your mailbox, listen to the news or open your mobile in the morning. If you do this you will be reacting and responding to other people. NO…, the morning is all about your personal goals!

Productivity is about meaningful activities that make you feel satisfied and contribute to the realization of your goals and dreams.

Download my free 5×50 Productivity Formula if you have not already done so.

Real productivity brings you closer to your goals and brings along the feeling of satisfaction.

High-Performance Key 4: Influence

Real high performers are role models for other people. They know better than anyone how to turn dreams and goals into reality. If you look at your life right now, how influential are you? Do you always have to put a lot of energy into “convincing” people or do you simply get them to back you straight way with your ideas, goals and dreams?

World model

If you want to influence others, explore the world model of others. Find out what their interests are and let them see the benefits if they start following you. Also emphasize the benefit extension, in other words: if you want to get people involved in your story, you are not only talking about the benefits for yourself but also about the benefits for others.

Think back to a moment when you were not in line with your partner. What went wrong at that time? Did you not take your partner’s world model into account? Did you not know how your partner looked at the world?

If you want to influence others, explore the world model of others. Find out what their interests are and let them see the benefits if they start following you.

When a fight arises in a relationship, people often do not delve into each other’s world model. For example, they don’t ask themselves the following things:

  • What kind of information has he/she taken?
  • How does he/she view this situation?
  • What does he/she think is important?

If these questions are not asked first, an argument can occur. The same applies to communication with your employees or possibly new customers. Therefore always ask yourself: for whom do I want to be a role model and how can we learn from each other?

For me personally, being a role model for customers and potential customers is important. I want to show them what high-performance means to me and what it could mean to them. I can only achieve that if I manage the Influence key. Want to learn more about gaining influence in your relationships? Then follow the: 7-Day High Performance Challenge for free.

The next step?

Now that you know what the important 4 keys are to a high-performance life, the question is: what is the next step? The first step you can take right now is to give yourself a score between 1 and 10 for each key. By giving yourself a score, you can also immediately prepare an action list for yourself on how you can increase that figure in every area.

High-performance is about creating routines, habits and constantly asking yourself questions: how can I become a better version of myself? How do I turn a 7.5 in physiology to a 9? What should I do differently from today? That is the great thing about high-performance. You yourself are the greatest mentor you will have in your life simply by reflecting your life daily or weekly and honestly asking yourself how you can do things better.

When you are ready for the next step I would like to invite you for an intake interview. You will immediately receive advice from me on how you can get more out of your life from today. Interested? Then click here.

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