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Wouter Kleinsman

10x Your Personal Growth With These 7 tips

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Ready to achieve more in your life? Do you want to invest in your personal growth? Do you ask yourself how you can invest your time and money in the right way when you want to get started with personal growth? Curious as to what my most important growth tips are that I teach everyone during my business coaching? Pay attention, the following tips will boost your personal growth by 10x! No empty promises … only results when you implement these growth tips!

# 1 The ‘Personal growth’ mindset

It all starts with having a real personal growth mindset. If there is one thing that stops most people from making a breakthrough in their lives, it is having a bad mindset. A mindset that consists of:
  • fear
  • scarcity
  • lack
  • bad beliefs
Your first step to the breakthrough in your life is therefore to work on your mindset. Only when you can bring the subconscious to the level of consciousness are you ready to make a major breakthrough in terms of your personal growth. Start by mapping the following: Your beliefs
  • what are your beliefs?
  • how do you look at the world
  • how do you look at yourself?
  • what do you think about money?
  • what do you think about success?
The questions above are just an example. These questions ensure that you gain insight into the things that hold you back in your life. It is important that you find out for yourself how many negative beliefs you have about yourself and the world. Your first task in this is to convert these negative beliefs into positive ones that help you with your personal growth. Because if you don’t do this, you will never achieve that breakthrough in your life because your negative beliefs will get in the way. As I said, everything starts with your mindset. By gaining mastery in the field of your mindset and that means: subconscious mind to switch to consciousness and then take full leadership by choosing what does and does not serve you. Then you will make the first step to major breakthroughs in your life. Personal growth, therefore, starts with your mindset. The best investment you can make! Talking about investment …

# 2 The ‘Personal Growth’ investment

There is not a single successful person in this world who has not made any investments. If you want to become successful you have to invest. I’m not talking about investing in real estate, etc… I’m talking about investing in yourself! Every week I speak to many entrepreneurs who do an intake session for high-performance coaching. What strikes me is that entrepreneurs do not understand that when they want to grow they have to invest money in themselves. The only thing they are looking for is free information. How does this work for you? Are you willing to invest money in yourself? Investing money in your personal growth? Think about:
  • books
  • seminars
  • online training
  • 1-on-1 coaching
But also:
  • your health
  • your fitness
  • your productivity
  • relationships
Most people are familiar with the first investments that I mentioned, but they often think no further than that. They often neglect their health through alcohol and junk food, and their fitness and productivity also have a hard time because they are often too busy and therefore have no time for their fitness/health and their productivity often has to suffer because they sleep too little. Are you familiar with this? We’ve all experienced it at least once. That is why my advice is to make a complete switch from today on when it comes to investing in yourself. I personally strongly advise everyone to get started with high-performance coaching. Not because it is one of my services, but precisely because I have been on a roller coaster myself, from the depths of despair to great successes. To get out of that roller coaster I have invested many thousands of euros in myself and at the moment I am still investing at least around € 1,000 per month for my development, health and fitness. Because I realize like no other that you take out the money you invest in yourself at least 100 times (of course if you make the right investments) Ready to make the breakthrough? Start by investing money in yourself and stop with junk food, superficial luxury weekends, expensive clothing that you don’t wear and other external attributes that are of no use to you.

# 3 The ‘Personal growth’ core values

If you want to develop yourself, you first need to know about your personal core values. Are you familiar with your personal core values? If you are not yet familiar with them, it is important to take a good look at this. Everyone has personal core values ​​and if you do not know what these core values ​​are for yourself, you will never experience maximum satisfaction in your life. Why not? Because if you don’t know what your core values ​​are, you won’t live by them either. Many studies have clearly shown that people feel satisfied when they live in line with their core values. Living in line with your core values ​​ensures that you start living as the best version of yourself. In short: it’s time to get started with your core values! Every successful person has core values ​​and I have set up a completely free training where I talk, among other things, about establishing and finding your core values. Click here and follow the free training now

# 4 The ‘Personal growth’ focus

Personal growth is different for everyone. For some, it is important to grow in terms of mindset and for others, it is important to grow in terms of leadership. It is important to have a clear picture of where you want to grow/develop. What is the most important thing for you right now? Where do you need to develop yourself to make the biggest breakthrough ever this year? If you know which topic that is, then this is the focus topic for you in the field of personal development. Now all you have to do is look at the number # 1 leader worldwide who is the best at it and to follow his training / read his book (s). My advice is always first to read the book in order to find out if the information/knowledge is really interesting. It is important that you not only take the information but also implement it immediately. Only in this way will you really benefit from the knowledge and will you remember it. So tell me … what is your focus on personal growth? Go all-in on this topic, focus and stop throwing away time on other topics that don’t help you make the biggest breakthrough in your life.

# 5 The ‘Personal growth’ pitfall

I just said it a moment ago: simply taking in information is not enough. The reason my clients make such huge breakthroughs in their lives is that they apply everything they learn DIRECTLY in practice. This is the advantage of having a high-performance coach. As a coach, I keep you committed to the agreements that you make with yourself/me. In this way, you prevent it only from knowledge. Everything you learn must be applied in practice. 95% of the world, unfortunately, does this wrong and these are the people who throw themselves into reading all about personal development but don’t actually do anything with the knowledge they learn. That is why I want to challenge you to always make a summary of every book and to immediately apply what you learn in practice so that you remember it better / simply achieve the result.

# 6 The ‘Personal growth’ long-term vision

If you want to make major breakthroughs in your life, then you need to turn personal growth into a long-term vision. The most successful people in this world call themselves “forever students”. They know better than anyone that personal growth is something forever. I myself also say the following:
Our life goal is to grow
We have come to this world to grow. I believe that if we stop growing we are slowly dying. Stopping reading, exercising, eating healthily, etc. These are all steps towards death. That is why it is so incredibly important to tell yourself that you have come to this world to grow. And that personal growth is, therefore, a long-term vision. I can tell you that even after 10 years of personal development I am constantly learning new things. And I also realize that I have never finished learning and I love life so much! I, therefore, challenge you … never stop growing and see personal growth as a long-term vision instead of something you do temporarily.

# 7 The ‘Personal growth’ addiction

My last important advice that I want to give you in this article about personal growth is that it should become an addiction. Just as personal growth should be a long-term vision, you also have to like it (addiction)! If personal growth is not an addiction, you will never last. And I can tell you a story about this … Many years ago, personal growth was not at the top of my list. I was much more interested in other things until I started opening the first books in the field of personal development and applying them in practice. After just 1 month, I reaped the benefits and started to focus more and more on personal development. Of course, not everything I was reading worked in practice. But most things worked and it soon became an addiction. My addiction right now (and it will stay that way forever) is to become the best version of myself. To become the best version of myself, I have become a forever student and I have a big addiction for personal growth and development because there is always room for improvement. That’s why if you want to continuously create breakthroughs in your life … you have to make personal growth an addiction. In this way, you will make major breakthroughs in your life faster than ever.

Are you ready for the next step?

Are you ready to make the first major breakthroughs in your personal and business life? Request a completely free and non-binding 1-hour coaching session now. I promise you that at the end of the hour you will make at least 1 major breakthrough. Click here and do your intake!