Certified High Performance Coaching

work 12-weeks 1-on-1 with me to break through your barriers and reach your maximum potential and best performance in everything you do.

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Weekly new strategies to become more productive, more energetic, more confident, more successful and more satisfied.

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Prepare for the highest-rated coaching process in the world.

High-Performance 1-on-1 Coaching is the highest rated coaching strategy in the world. I (Wouter Kleinsman), certified high-performance coach, lead you in12 intensive one-hour sessions through the high-performance process. This is the way to achieve a high-performance life and career.

So are you ready for more focus, learning advanced strategies to gain more control over your mind and body skills to be more productive and influential every day? Yes?! Then this is for you!

Ambitious entrepreneurs, DGAs and CEOs immediately see what makes the high-performance process so unique. Wouldn’t it be amazing to achieve breakthroughs during our first intake call? Well, my clients always do! Are you ready for a breakthrough?

The High Performance Proces​


With self and others


Mental stamina and physical vibrancy


Bold authentic action in the directions of your dreams


Effective and efficient progress


A rol model, leader and difference-maker


Fulfilling that which highlights your strengths and results in success

Certified High-Performance Coaching Program

In my High-Performance Coaching Program, I work 1-on-1 with you for 12 weeks. We breakthrough your barriers to reach your maximum potential and best performance in everything you do.

Why choose 1-on-1 coaching?

Every week we discuss and work on a different topic of high-performance and you will receive action documents for each.

You will get new insights every week and as a coach, I ensure that you remain committed, so that you continue to make progress each week to achieve optimum high-performance. The sessions last exactly 60 minutes and you will also receive a prompt call exactly on the agreed date and time. I practice what I preach and together we function at the highest level.

An intake form will need to be filled in and taken into consideration for this High-Performance Coaching Program. Not everyone is eligible to participate.

To read more about this click under the heading “Strategy session.”

Read why these people chose 1-on-1 coaching:


I help people who want to make a difference in their own lives and in that of others. The ambitious entrepreneurs, DGAs and CEOs who want more of the good and are always looking for a higher goal and more satisfaction in their lives.

Program structure

High-Performance Coaching is a process that has been developed in every way to
explore where you are at right now and then to constantly elevate your levels of performance and potential in all life areas. The process focuses on five key concepts:

  • Clarity
  • Energy
  • Courage
  • Productivity
  • Influence

which we elaborate further using:

  • Psychology
  • Physiology
  • Productivity
  • Persuasion
  • Goal
  • Commitment

By controlling these areas, you feel more focused and fulfilled and you discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you to join the most successful people in the world.

One-to-one conversation:

  • A personal 60-minute conversation with me every week, your high-performance coach.

Content + Curriculum:

  • Sessions around the core concepts of High-Performance
  • Weekly action plan sheets

What are you going to learn?

In 12 weeks you will go through 12 topics that will help you to consistently achieve increased levels of performance and potential in your life.

We look at where you are at the moment. What are you currently focused on? What level of control do you feel in your life? Do you have habits that support you on your path to the highest level? Do you have habits that hinder you on that path?

We identify the strengths and weaknesses in your life. Who are you? What are you working towards and how are you going to get there? What principles and methods can support you in this.

How much energy do you have every day and how much do you need to achieve your goals?

When are you self-confident and when do you have the courage to go for what you want? When do you let fear overpower you? When do you self sabotage?

In this session, we see how productive and effective you are in your life and in your work. I give you a number of tools and concepts to help you in the areas that you need improvement.

We gauge how influential you are in your relationships and in your career. You will receive tools and concepts that will increase your level of action and influence immediately.

At this stage we go into more detail about the six pillars of excellent performance. We start by understanding the importance of a successful mindset and how you can really transform your mindset into one of success and positivity.

Our findings from session 3 are repeated in this session. You Will receive even more tools to activate your physiology in such a way so that you feel stronger, unstoppable and full of energy.

We are going to look at how productive you have been in recent weeks so that we can find ways for you can be even more effective in your work towards your goals.

In this session, we examine how convincing and influential you have been in your relationships and career. I’ll give you even more valuable tools that will increase your effectiveness in these areas.

At this point in the program you should have reached your goals to become as productive as possible and already hit some targets. We will look at how effective you have been in achieving your goals and how you have moved forward purposefully and effectively.

In this final session we will be monitoring your performance and identifying the strongest areas where you are most dedicated and disciplined and also the areas where you need more focus to keep on achieving. This process will be an important part of your everyday life and is a commitment that will lead to persistent increased levels of performance and potential in all life areas.

Strategy session questionnaire

This questionnaire serves as an intake form for the High-Performance Coaching Program.
If your application is eligible for 1-on-1 coaching, I will contact you
to arrange a strategy session before we start working together for 12 weeks.

The strategy session is an introduction to High-Performance Coaching. I look at your response to the questionnaire and I investigate:

  • how clearly you think about your general life goals;
  • whether or not you have the physical energy and mental endurance around you to step up to become a high-perfromer;
  • how confident and courageous you currently are;
  • what distractions or bad habits you currently have that are holding you back (and what routines you already have that serve you);
  • what you can do to improve your family, colleagues & those who serve you;
  • how much of an influence you have on those around you and what you inspire to become.

I look forward to your questionnaire!

PS. Every year I only have room for 20 people in High-Performance Coaching Program.

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