Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Why I only coach successful entrepreneurs, directors & leaders

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I am Wouter Kleinsman, a no-nonsense coach for already successful people who know that there is always a higher level. 

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you may notice a shift in my communication. In this article, I’ll reveal all…

Are you a new reader? Be sure to read on, then you’ll get to know my way of working.

Several years ago, I chose to quit my online marketing agency. I went from earning a high of €30,000 a month to an average of €10,000 a month.

Why did I make this choice?

Put simply, I was no longer happy in life. Many successful entrepreneurs think that money makes them happy, but I can tell you from experience that money often doesn’t change anything. If your relationships aren’t good, they will remain shit, even with a lot of money. You always want more. You work long hours and often live an unhealthy life. This leads to reactions such as: ‘Dad’s always busy with work and never has time for me. When he’s not working he’s always tired’ or ‘She never has time to do anything, she is always working’.

From top income to nearly nothing

My top income did not make me happy and so I decided to take a different path. I started to focus on coaching people towards personal and business growth and had to rebuild my business from scratch. So I went from a top income to almost nothing.

The switch was successful and before long I had a good number of customers again. But many of these customers didn’t have the commitment I demanded from them and this made me unhappy again. Time to make a radical choice for the second time. Now I only coach already successful people who know that there is always a higher level and who want to go for it one hundred percent. I no longer do free intake interviews, but ask for a deposit of €500. I go for measurable results, skip all the fluffy shit that is of no use to anyone and I, therefore, demand one hundred percent commitment. That means that not everyone will feel drawn to work with me and that’s a good thing. I don’t want everyone. I want the top 5% who want to want to go to the next level.

Commitment and integrity are all-determines in your life

Are you among the 95 percent who rarely stick to agreements, always have an excuse for not having done something, or always point to others when you don’t achieve your goals? Then I am not the right coach for you. Are you willing to take leadership over your life and do whatever it takes? Then we are a match! If you answer the following questions honestly, you will immediately know how things are going.

  1. Do you always keep the agreements with yourself and others?
  2. More often then not you don’t do what you say?

  1. Do you believe in yourself completely?
  2. Do you have little self-confidence?


  1. Do you invest in yourself and your future?
  2. Do you spend a lot of money on material things?


  1. Do you focus on simple solutions and measurable results?
  2. Do you believe in complex solutions and do you work incredibly hard but have no idea what those hours and euros will bring you?

If you answered mainly ‘yes’ to the first options, then you look like my successful clients, also called the ‘five percent’, that I now coach.

If you mainly scored a ‘yes’ on the second options, then you look like the majority of my unsuccessful clients, also the 95 percent, whom I no longer coach.

The biggest difference between these two groups

The successful people are the people who don’t just talk but do. They know that there is always a higher level in their life. They measure the results of their efforts so that they do not waste time and money on useless activities and thus achieve their goals quickly.

The unsuccessful people are the people who always come up with great stories about what they want to achieve, but at the same time they also have the most interesting excuses when it doesn’t work, and that is often due to others. They say they work incredibly hard, but the quality of their actions is seriously below par, which means they spend a lot of precious hours and euros without achieving the desired results.

My time and energy go to the five percent

I made a conscious choice to focus on the five percent because they know how to play the game that is life. They keep their word and are inspired by others to step into that better version of themselves because they know that there’s never a ‘finish line’.

My clients are successful entrepreneurs, directors and leaders. They are honest and committed and thanks to my no-nonsense way of coaching they go faster from A to B. We set a goal, we make the goal measurable, they take immediate action, we make adjustments if necessary and as a no-nonsense coach, I keep them to their commitments day after day. What happens if they do not do this? Then they will hear from me. What if they complain? Then I hold up a mirror to show them their own childish behaviour. We’re going for a winners mindset and the right mindset to get all their shit in order. I am not your Dad or Mum or friend.

I am a no-nonsense coach who has only one goal: to achieve exceptionally productive and effective personal and business measurable results together with my clients in the shortest possible time.

The choice is yours

I didn’t want to settle for a top income with clients who didn’t make me happy. How is that with you? Do you ever have doubts about the way your life is heading and endeavour to do things differently? Do you, like me, dare to make such a radical choice? Then know that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life at the moment, you can also radically change your life and join the five percent.

Are you a successful man or woman or do you at least have a winners mindset? Then you can consider the following step:

  • take immediate action and immerse yourself in the possibilities of my no-nonsense coaching for successful entrepreneurs, directors and leaders who always know there is a higher level.

Whatever your choice, I hope it will be the first step to an extraordinary life.