Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Does everyone need a coach?

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When it comes to coaching, do you mainly think of a sports coach or perhaps a singing coach? Has the idea ever occurred to you that YOU need a coach

The answer to the question then, “Does everyone need a coach?” is simple: everyone… and no one.

Okay, maybe it isn’t as simple as it sounds…

We can all play football without a football coach, sing without a singing coach, and swim without a swimming coach, so no one needs a coach.

“Keep doing what you do to get what you already have.”

Let’s be honest: do you know someone who is at the top and got there without a coach? Or someone who has been successful for their entire life yet has never had a coach? Not me! So my starting point is that everyone could use a coach. However, reality shows that many people feel that they don’t need a coach. That’s okay if you are satisfied with an average life.

Behind every successful person is a coach

Do you really want to be successful? Then you need a coach. Just look at the best footballers, singers, and swimmers. From their coaches, they learn to better master techniques and tactics, to use various pitches and the technique to swim faster and more effectively.

You too can become (more) personally and commercially successful with the help of a coach. A coach shows you why you do and don’t do things. A coach enables you to see what things you are not doing yet, what you can do more of, and what you can better stop doing. What you have to take into account is that all coaches have their own way of coaching. On my website, I clarify the difference between the average coach and the brilliant coach. It will not surprise you that I work according to the second row.

Difference between an average coach & a brilliant coach

The average

  • Making things unnecessarily complicated
  • Encouraging their clients to have a jam-packed full agenda
  • Often forgetting what each individual client is doing – lack of personalization  
  • Thinking that things are impossible
  • Believing in apologies and “victim mode” mentality 
  • Sharing floaty ideas with no direction
  • Takes the role of comfort and wants to be friends with the client
  • Doesn’t practice what he preaches 
  • Promotes “quick-rich strategies and “manifesting”
  • Believe and act as a’ one-size-fits-all strategy 

The brilliant coach

  • I keep things simple and measurable
  • I give actionable insights 
  • I only coach a limited number of clients per year for full attention 
  • I know that anything is possible
  • I only believe in commitment and integrity
  • I am straight to the point
  • I am your coach and not your friend
  • I practice what I preach
  • I help you in concrete steps from successful to even more successful life
  • Every client gets their own personal strategy

My way of coaching always verifies that clients’ have never had a coach like me before. One that keeps them truly committed and continues to challenge them in achieving the most important goals in their life.

So do you need a coach?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes!” If you choose to live a bigger, more vibrant, more peaceful, and more successful life. Or maybe you want more financial freedom, higher-quality relationships, a great body, or a brain that functions better. While you are the expert in your own life and know what motivates you and makes you take action, it doesn’t mean you do it. In addition, you are only an expert on what you currently know about yourself. A coach helps you to:

  • really tackle things;
  • unlock all untapped potential;
  • find blind spots;
  • consciously see your patterns and behaviours;
  • brings you closer to your goals.

Long story short: your coach is there to open your eyes to what you don’t know yet. If you think you know all the answers, then you definitely need a coach. Even if it is just to test the answers.

So your answer to the question “Do you need a coach?” can of course also be ‘no’, but read on…

Coaches also have coaches.

Successful coaches choose guidance from other successful coaches, provided they believe in their own profession. For example, the number 1 highest paid coach from the UK coaches me. Why? Because I know there is always a higher level of success.

Anyone who wants to get more out of life needs a coach. Life is big, fantastic, and full of everything you love. Therefore, stop waiting for the right time, because there never will be a “right time”. Don’t let the coronavirus stop you. Working on yourself is the most important thing in this world.

Find a coach for yourself and get the life of your dreams as soon as possible. You will thank me for it.