Wouter Kleinsman

Wouter Kleinsman

Are you one of the five percent who actually think consciously?

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Only five percent of society consciously thinks about the how, what and why of their own actions. That also means that 95 percent do not. They follow the crowd like sheep and do not understand why the actions they take do not work. Why not? Because they don’t think.

Achieving results such as those of the most successful entrepreneurs, directors and leaders starts with activating your brain and making conscious choices.

Part of this article comes from my book ‘How to Become a Game Changer – No-Nonsense Coaching to an Extraordinary Life’, which will be published in November.

The system keeps you from thinking

Do you think that in today’s society everyone makes their own choices?

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. Within our society there is a system that ensures that we all stay within the box. Almost all of us are brought up within our social system of rules. It starts before you are born and it is continued in primary school. There you learn that you always have to raise your hand first if you want to say something. A little dreaming during class is not allowed, even though the most successful people in the world are the greatest dreamers. Fortunately, more and more schools are paying attention to personal development and the functioning of the mindset.

Of course such a system has many advantages, otherwise it wouldn’t last. The big disadvantage, however, is that the system also ensures that we no longer think for ourselves. For example, we rarely wonder why tobacco and alcohol are still allowed, when we know that they are just as addictive as drugs. Many pharmacies have candy in the window, completely contradicting themselves! Speaking of health, do you ever wonder why so much money is spent in the pharmaceutical industry for drugs that only suppress symptoms but not solve the real problem? And do you ever think about the information you receive through various channels, is it true what you hear, see or read?

Does the above make you think and have you come to the conclusion that you want to be more conscious in life? Then order my book via: www.wouterkleinsman.nl/boek. It will help you on your way to an extraordinary life separate from the system. (Being published in English ASAP)

The Danger of Not Thinking

I see them popping up every day in my social media timeline, entrepreneurs who don’t think. They blindly follow the advice of mentors and so-called gurus. Nothing wrong with that, but they often forget to take a critical look at what, why and how they do something. For example, they all use the same ‘trick’ in the field of online marketing. They create something to give away for free which is often of poor quality. Then they share even more worthless information with their ‘potential lead’ and end up spamming people with e-mails to sell their shit.

And now it is because many entrepreneurs don’t think, they follow like sheep this technique called lead generation. It just never produces satisfied customers.

The people who make good money from this? These are the so-called marketing eras who show how many millions of euros they earn with fake reviews. I’m not even talking about dropshitting ‘dropshipping’. This is the phenomenon in which wannabe entrepreneurs purchase their ‘offer’ from AliExpress and sell these products ten times more expensive through a webshop that they have set up via Shopify.

I admit, I used funnels myself, but I didn’t sell crappy shit. In fact, my free product was so incredibly valuable that I created an ‘army’ of people who wanted more valuable free stuff.

I have stopped that standard offer and I’ve gone left whereas many entrepreneurs / coaches go right. I left the group of docile entrepreneurs behind me at the beginning of this year. I focus on the very successful people who do not blindly fall into all kinds of marketing nonsense but also think for themselves.

People are easy to influence. 

As I mentioned earlier, our society ensures that we no longer have to think. Just consider the following situations:

  • Almost everyone drives with navigation: Does the navigation indicate the wrong route in a certain situation? Then we follow it blindly despite the existing doubt. That is stupid.
  • A lift test: Once upon a time there was a lift test in which a number of people stood in the lift wearing a hat. They participated in an experiment. Every time someone stepped into the elevator who did not participate in the experiment, they took a different position. So they suddenly turned ninety degrees to the left. What did the new persons do? That’s right, they played along and that’s dumb because it makes no sense.
  • Visit to Tony Robbins: During my participation in Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within his products were brought to the attention. Tony very cleverly had a number of ‘fake customers’ run like crazy to sell the products. Others did the same and bought a product. That’s dumb, because they didn’t even think about whether it really helped them.

Yes really, it is that incredibly easy to influence people. And that’s why 95 percent keep getting what they already have. Only when you start thinking consciously can you start living a life of your own and get what you want.

Start thinking

It is up to you to start thinking. Draw your own conclusions and take your own steps. If you think someone is wrong, take full leadership in the situation. This applies to the navigation system that tells you to go left where you know you have to turn right to avoid the traffic. It applies to the marketing funnels. Dare to throw them off your website and use your wits to find an original way that stands out more. If someone tries to sell you get-rich-quick formulas, laugh at them, turn around and walk away. Also, don’t be fooled by your partner telling you that you also have to work on Saturdays and Sundays because s/he does that too. Tell him/her how you work, which days you work and why it is important to be there for your family on weekends.

So take leadership. The word leadership is used inappropriately, but taking real leadership is the most powerful thing you can do in your life. Leadership means that you make your own choices in everything you undertake in your life. You think, draw a conclusion and take immediate action. That also yields something very beautiful: self-confidence.

Leadership + Self-confidence gives you what you need in your life to break away from the 95 percent and join the five percent of game changers.

Take immediate action now

The time to join in is over. It’s time to go the other way. Make your own choices, start thinking and create your own pack of like-minded people. To apply this directly to yourself, you have one choice.

Choice 1: If you are a highly successful entrepreneur, director, leader or someone with a winners mindset, consider my no-nonsense coaching. For more information click here.

PS I hope you will make a choice, otherwise you will always keep spinning in circles just like the 95 percent. So do yourself a favor and show that you want to be one of those five percent. Make your choice now.