For coaches

Over the past eleven years, I have successfully built an online marketing agency and coaching practice. I did that ethically, without the need to sell hard, and I enjoyed the process.

I quit the marketing agency after eight very successful years to focus on coaching. I truly believe coaching is the best profession in the world – changing lives and getting paid for it.

I have also guided several successful coaches in their careers and showed them why 95% of the ‘calibrated’ marketing strategies do not work today.

Request a consultation if you want to know what the possibilities are to learn how to build or grow your coaching practice.

This requires an investment of between € 7,000 and € 25,000, so make sure you are both willing and able to invest in your professional development at this level before contacting me.

The sales of two of my former protégés increased by 400% in the first year. They worked very hard for this with 100 percent commitment and thus paid off.

Please do not send me messages asking for tips and advice to point you in the right direction or to ‘use my knowledge’. I am a professional coach, not a social one.