no-nonsense coaching


Most coaches follow a script or a program. These coaches strengthen, refine and improve your life or your business – a little. I change lives. I don’t have a fixed curriculum because you are my material. My program starts when I talk to you.

My coaching programs are designed to transform your life (or certain areas of it) and not just to add value to it. I want you to see who you really are and to help you attain mastery in all areas of your life. Nothing or no one can stop you from becoming a remarkable leader who operates at the highest possible level of performance. My way of coaching shows straight to the point which steps are needed to be on your way to an extraordinary life.

You will not experience my way of coaching anywhere else. My goal is to provide all my clients with the coaching experience that parallels the flight experience with Emirates and Etihad Airways business class, a Michelin star restaurant experience, a luxury five-star boutique hotel and the shopping experience on Bond Street, London

I get results by being present in your life the entire time that we work together. I am available 24/7 for you 365 days a year. I keep you committed and intervene immediately if you do not stick to our agreements. An additional advantage of a coaching program with me is that you get access to my extensive network of high achievers, specialists and experts.

A fixed value is a measurable result. All activities you undertake are measurable, so you can easily see whether they contribute to achieving your goals. If it does not contribute, we will adjust immediately.

I approach every coaching process differently, simply because everyone I work with is different. I look at what you need and on that, I base the coaching method. I do not follow a template or specific coaching method. I am my coaching style. I design a unique, perfectly fitting coaching path for the person in front of me: you.

Think of it as a three-piece suit that is precisely tailored to the buyer’s specifications with an eye for the finest details and perfection. My coaching is very personal and always tailor-made. I often use the English terms: Bespoke & Tailored.

I ask you to open your mind so that you can optimally experience that you can do so much more with what you already have. I do not ask you to become someone else, but rather to perfect your own qualities in all areas of your life. If you are determined to get out of the safe comfort zone and go further than you or anyone else thought you could, trust that inner voice telling you what you actually already know: you too can create that extraordinary life for yourself.

My clients and I work together and their lives often change beyond recognition. However, this option will cost you more than money. I also need your energy and dedication. Let’s talk when you’re ready and your life will change.