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Business Coaching for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to achieve both a business and a personal breakthrough

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Hey! I am Wouter
And I want to ask you something:

Why do so many emerging top entrepreneurs, authors and coaches find it so difficult to make their dreams come true? Right now, now that the road to success is so clear?

Of course there are many top entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and directors who are successful. And they are exactly like you … Yet they have managed to make a business breakthrough and they are living their dream life.

But there are relatively few entrepreneurs who understand how to do it. Most don’t even know how to start. They continuously go through a process of trial and error (and usually it becomes an “error”). For months they spend many hours and euros on online training, e-books and webinars and try to combine this information to find out what I could have taught them – and in much less time.

I aim this directly to you:

You have a super cool idea and a great passion. You also have sufficient knowledge that you can share (creating impact).

How come then that you have not yet succeeded in realizing a business breakthrough?

That you are not yet where you want to be with your company and with your life?

Why aren’t you creating more content and selling products and / or services? After all, wouldn’t that make you earn more (and have more impact and enjoy your freedom more)?

After all those hours and euros that you have invested in yourself and your company, don’t you think you deserve to reach more people and achieve a business breakthrough?

I know you deserve it. I also know that you have sufficient knowledge and that you can make an impact on other people.

What is the matter then?

The problem is not your desire (because you prove here and now that it is correct by reading this text). Do you know what the problem is?

It is on (one or more of) the following:

Sound familiar?

Perhaps you are afraid of making the wrong choices, failing or appearing strange to others. And that’s okay. It is not a decisiveness problem!

  • It is SMART that you want to do your marketing well.
  • It is SMART that you care about the people you want to help.
  • It is SMART that you want to convey your message in a correct and authentic way, that you want to deliver the right products and services and that you want to set up effective marketing campaigns.

If you agree, then you certainly agree that it is SMART to choose a business coach with a proven track record and with years of experience as an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer and coach … right? Someone who practices what he preaches, who does exactly the same things himself and who knows what works NOW.

I am that person.

And I want to help you!

That is why I invite you to my business coaching process.

Business Coaching Process


We first look for your “why” and your personal mission. Money goals only give little energy. What really sets you in motion as an entrepreneur is your purpose and your mission. By finding and activating it you will continuously experience a high level of energy and motivation.


A successful business requires more than just marketing. You will not achieve your business and personal goals if you have a limited mindset. A mindset that consists of fear. Uncertainty and low self-confidence. I help you develop a winner’s mindset.


Now it’s time to look at your current strategy. What works and what doesn’t work? We provide insight into what is wrong with your strategy. Based on our proven method, you will then set up a business strategy and a marketing machine to help you achieve a business breakthrough and a stable flow of income.


We help you create sunstaible success. That means that you will be taught the high-performance skills that will ensure that you start doing business in the flow with a high energy level and that you will experience top productivity, top health, top relationships, and top hobbies. So that you can integrate all this into your life to live happily and full of satisfaction


By applying all steps, you will reach your goal to formulate new goals from there to have en more impact.


During this final phase, we look at what the next extraordinary level will be for you in the field of entrepreneurship and all life areas.

Unique coaching path

This is a proven method that works. We help every coached entrepreneur not only to achieve a business breakthrough, but also a personal breakthrough! 1 + 1 = 3 …

If you want to be successful in business, you also need to work daily on your health, mindset, relationships with your partner, friends and family, and free up time for hobbies and relaxation. This is the reason why every entrepreneur works according to these 6 pillars of success.

An insight into the business coaching project:

So you are an ambitious entrepreneur and you want to:

  • earn more, cancel your 9-to-5 job and change your life drastically?
  • take full responsibility for your own life for the full 100%?
  • always want to achieve more and strive for an optimal company and life?
  • Are willing to invest time, money and energy in yourself?
  • Are ready for both a real personal and a real business breakthrough?

The Coaching processes

Business Accelerator

independent online program

The online business training where you work out your market proposition in 12 weeks and launch the marketing machine and everything follows at your own pace.

business mastery

1-on-1 business coaching

A five-month 1-on-1 coaching process for ambitious entrepreneurs who are committed to bringing their company to the highest performance and potential.

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